Saturday, April 29, 2006

Cooking Marathon Day

Whew! I've been cooking all day.
I made the cabbage rolls and a broccoli casserole - enough for 4 meals for us and I took some to my Mom & Dad for their dinner tomorrow.
I also made two meals of Petite Steaks in mushroom sauce. So tomorrow's dinner is cooked.
The refrigerator is stocked with meals for next week and the freezer has a few for the future. If your going to make a mess cooking, you may as well go all out.

Needless to say I did not get outside. It was only in the 50's anyway ---too cold.

During my cooking breaks, I did get all of the paper removed from the border.
This is what you have to remove.

You just find a loose spot and stick your finger in and pull it off. Most of it came off easily in nearly complete strips

Here it is ready for the garbage man

As I write this, I am watching "Little People Big World". Have any of you seen this? It comes on every week on The Learning Channel and is about dwarf parents in Oregon raising their family of three regular-size children and one little person. I find it interesting.

We never think about how difficult every day life can be for little people.

They are just a normal family trying to overcome life's obstacles. Their son who is a little person is actually a twin. His twin brother is not a dwarf. Zach, the dwarf twin, just came home from a little person conference and he is saying how difficult it is for him to reenter his normal world where he has to look up to everyone. I can only imagine how tough it is for him.

I am impressed with this family. They work hard to make a living and seem to be doing a fine job raising their children.


  1. I love the Roloffs! My guys wonder what the attraction is to the show, but the parents both inspire me. Did you see Amy bowl with Molly and Jake? She's amazing. I love their farm and all the clever attractions they have builr, most recently the catapult!
    And I have to watch Tanya Tucker-just because-lol
    I am really impressed by your new quilting method. Glad you learned and enjoyed from making such a gorgeous item!

  2. You might try composting your paper scraps - if you mix the pile as you add them, they shouldn't do that compaction thing... and worms love paper.

  3. Hi! I came across your blog last summer and was inspired by your deck plantings and your beautiful garden.

    I also love Little People, Big World. They live about 20 minutes away from me, so it's extra interesting when I catch familiar settings on the show. They seem to be an amazing family.


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