Friday, August 19, 2005

Where is Everyone in Blogland?

I have been out of town for most of the week (it was nice to hear that a few of you missed me!).

Today I was looking forward to reading all the new posts in my favorite garden blogs. But it seems to have been a slow week in the blog world – like me, very few were posting this week. There were not enough new posts to finish my first cup of coffee. I had to resort to checking out the food/recipe blogs (which I do enjoy, but this time of the year the gardening blogs come first). Since I had not read the foodies in a while, there were many new posts I had not seen.

It has been raining here for the past two days with no relief in sight until Monday. My grass has gone from burned out to green and lush in the past few weeks. It looks almost as green as Sandy’s!

The deck, on the other hand, looks a bit shabby. All that water & wind has played havoc. Flowers have been pelted with rain, whipped around by the high winds and are an all around mess. At least I have not had to water. They have survived with very little assistance from me for most of the week. Well, I am off again to see if there are any blog updates since this morning.


  1. LOL...I was thinking the same thing when I went to my sisters blog and yours..LOL I posted my newest painted project on my blog. Check it out.


  2. I was feeling bad about not having time to post in my blog but then realized that I am not the only one. Perhaps it is a combination of the heat and humidity over much of the land? I know here things are pretty much winding down, partly because I can't afford to give the flowers the water they need and partly because the veggies are running their course.

  3. Heya. I've been wanting to get something up, but I've been juggling life out here.

    Been dragging the hose to the (dying) borders, which I really dislike having to do... Michigan is supposed to have summer rains, by golly - where've they been this year?

    And my partner and I have formalized our contract work into a bona fide 'Incorporation' - busy busy busy... add in the requisite weddings, graduations, and funerals... whew.

    No wonder I've been missing in action.

    Don't know when I will actually update, but I'm still kicking around and appreciating the efforts of others....

    Gotta run now, the dishes are calling...

  4. kerry, sad, but ture. The season is almost over and there just isn't that much new happening in the garden.
    Jenn, are you in southern MI? It has not stopped raining here since Thursday (NE MI). I hope it is coming your way. I had to deal with no rain most of the summer and am mighty SICK of dragging that hose, too.

  5. Hi. I was advised to post every day, at least at first, to build up some archives, so I'm toiling away here. Sounds like you folks like frequent entries, so the advice was correct?
    Also, how do you get those great close-ups? Using a different lens altogether? I'm hoping to be able to get as close as your shots without going to the expense of separate lens. Thanks for any hints you might have. Susan

  6. Hi Susan, No special lens. I do have a macro feature on my camera. I just turn it to the macro feature and get up real close.
    Yes, we do like daily postings! (at least I do). We get hooked on these blogs and are disappointed when there is nothing new. Of course, I know daily life sometimes does not allow so much time devoted to blogging. I did not post for 4 days myself. Fortunately we get hooked on posting just as much on reading, so most of us update frequently.

  7. I have been SO BUSY! This is the first time in over a week that I have had a chance to check out my garden blog list. Sorry. I do have some new stuff posted though.

  8. Yep, down in the S/E corner. We did get a nice bit of rain yesterday... yay!

  9. Okay, okay, I'm posting! I've had a busy week at work too, but have lots to post on!

  10. LOL Kasmira--interesting new picture. I am heading over to your blog now.

  11. Kasmira, Looks like I was a little too quick on the mouse clicking--will check back later tonight.


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