Friday, August 5, 2005

The Queen of the Border

I have mentioned before how I adore this plant. I have over a hundred Sedum Autumn Joy plants and in a few weeks you will tire of seeing pictures of them. Right now its flower heads are light green. My sister-in-law calls it the "broccoli plant" because it reminds of her of broccoli. She does not like the plant (audible GASP from me!).
I think it is beautiful from the moment is comes up in the spring, and, without a doubt, the easiest plant I have to care for. It never needs water. Last year I cut a bunch of them back and just threw the pieces in a heap in the woodland area and guess what? They all came up this year!


  1. Wow...a plant that you don't need to do much with, but still is beautiful..that's for me. LOL I think that's so neat that you had thrown some in the woods and it replanted itself right there.


  2. The sedum at the Friendship Park is further along than mine. I've watched it go from the ugly broccoli/cauliflower stage to the lovely pink flowerheads.

    Mine is still in the vegetable phase. It IS ugly at this point and kind of makes me hungry...

  3. I want some Sedum 'Autumn Joy' even more now that you said it doesn't need much attention. I think it's beautiful, too.

  4. Kasmira, Bite your tongue!
    --LOL. -- I know many think it is ugly at this stage, but I quite like it.

  5. I agree Zoey. I don't think sedum of any kind is ever ugly. I love them in all stages.

  6. I like the pale green color of it. Not many plants share that hue. And it 'morphs'in the cooler weather. I can barely see mine thanks to the eggplants. I didn't think the eggplants would get so huge. I've gotten 4 eggplants already!


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