Thursday, August 4, 2005

New Garden Blog

I wanted to share a new blog that you may not have seen.
Tarracotta just started her blog in July and --Wow! -- she is one talented painter! You must go for a visit and look at her milk can that she just finished for a friend.
I paint milk cans, too--well, let me rephrase that--I take a can of spray paint to my milk cans-- when Tarracotta paints hers, she REALLY paints them. She is a true artist. She has also painted some pretty nice-looking rocks and built her own trellised planter box. I think you will enjoy visiting her.


  1. Oh're a doll. I thank you for posting an introduction to my blog and that you are enjoying it. I am trying to keep it interesting. I also thank you for your sweet comment on my painting. Take care and enjoy that "liquid gold" that you so needed.


  2. I'm always looking for new blogs to read. Looking forward to reading Taracotta's blog.

  3. tarracotta, you are welcome. I love to find new blogs on other's sites, so I always try to share ones I have enjoyed. It takes a while for people to find you, but hang in there.
    Sandy, I am sure you will enjoy the visit.


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