Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Disabled Anonymous Comments

I am sad to say that today I disabled the ability of anonymous comments. Now a person will have to be registered with blogger to post. I did this to eliminate spam commenters. I have noticed on a few other blogs comments that appear to be from spammers (advertising comments). I thought I would take action before I get slammed with them. I have read where some bloggers had hundreds of them. These spammers often use automated equipment to keep posting over and over again. I noticed a new feature of blogger that I could turn on which requires a person to type in the words they see in a box before they can comment. This is just to make sure there is a real person making the comment (the automated software cannot read the box). I did not turn this on because I do want to make it as easy as possible for people to comment and I thought this might turn people off. If I ever do have spammer problems, I will have to resort to that feature. It is so sad that we can't enjoy this little hobby without spammers ruining our fun, isn't it?


  1. I noticed those spammers too. Austin got one on his blog but I deleted it right away. Now I know what to do if it happens again.

  2. Zoey, I'm with ya. In my 10 days of having a blog I've gotten spammed 5 times already, so I'm disabling, too.
    And I'll stay tuned to see how your coleus does - I'd hate to lose that gorgeous specimen. Susan

  3. Just found your blog thanks to Calidore, and had a wonderful time surfing through your "blogs I read". Thank you!

    Linda @ Chloe

    (not a spammer, a real gardener, even though it looks like one of those anonymous generic spam posts)

  4. Thank you, Zoey, for that info. I've been getting fed up of late with all the spam comments. I didn't know ( or hadn't thought) about disabling that aspect.

    Don't worry about Chloe (above) - she is a real proper gardener. I've not met her in person (yet) but she was the first blogger I encountered when I started mine and she was so helpful in assisting this technology-challenged lady set things up.

  5. Chloe, I didn't think you were a spammer! I have been to your blog so I know you are one of us! LOL

    Alice, I can't guarantee that it will stop them all. But it will stop those that do not register.

  6. I have noticed a lot of spam too. Nice blog you have here. I have a blog too. My pharmacy gives you up to 70% off the regular price...

    Just kidding! I have a couple of blogs I visit that started the word verification thing, and it really is barely even a bit of trouble. I have not had much trouble with spammers myself. Perhaps I publish at just the right times, or my content is too schizophrenic for them to pin me down. I really don't know how they pick blogs to pick on.

  7. I hear you I too have been bugged by spammers. It's like you say you get a nice little hobby and someone has to mess it up.

  8. I guess I have been lucky thus far and have only recieved real people visiting my site...sorry to hear you are having trouble with spam.

    A fake gardener pretending to know what she is doing.

  9. LOL, GGG.
    Actually I have not yet been bombarded by them. I have just been reading about others being hit, so I decided to take preventative action.


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