Friday, August 12, 2005

Here is something for you puzzle lovers. It is a perennial word scramble. Once you unscramble all of the words, there is a little message from me at the bottom. It's a little tough unless you really know your plants. I made it up a year or so ago and had it on my web site. I just found it while searching for something else and thought I'd throw it out here - someone may find it a bit entertaining. You will need to double click the puzzle to bring it up larger and then print it. Have fun.


  1. I got it!
    I only got 3 to begin with and then ate a piece of Dove chocolate (must have helped jog my memory) and got the rest. That long one scared me until I realized it was Zoey's favorite perennial.
    Thanks for the puzzle, Zoey! ; )

  2. LOL, dianne. Good clue on that one! I am glad someone tried it. Chocolate (especially Dove) helps just about anything.


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