Thursday, August 11, 2005

To Do List Keeps Growing

I have not done any real garden work in quite some time (other than daily watering of the containers). There is not much weeding to be done this time of the year. I did notice some of that darn Queen Anne’s lace blooming that I missed earlier in the year. Talk about a persistent weed – I dig it out by the hundreds every year. It has a long tap root and is easiest to remove when it is very young. Now I will have to get in there with a shovel and dig deeply to get it all. I know that some people actually encourage it in their gardens, but in my area it runs rampant and I don’t want it anywhere near my flower beds. It will take over in a very short time if I let those seeds ripen and drop. It is on my mental list of things to do this weekend.

My battle to eradicate the dreaded creeping bellflower continues. I have to get to it before it seeds.

I also noticed a large red daylily that had no blooms at all this year. I am taking that as a sign it wants to be divided. I will probably divide it into 3 plants so I have to decide where to plant the other two.

All of the main beds need to be edged again. That is at least a two-hour job. Oh, who am I kidding? It is probably more like 4 hours if I do them all.

I am removing all of the plants from my small rockwall area (it is approx. 12 ft. x 5 ft). It never looks very good, so I have decided to start over. I don’t know what to plant there. I am kicking around the idea of leaving it bare this year and planting annuals next summer. I rarely plant annuals in the ground. It might be nice to have color that I can depend on for the entire summer. Just a thought…..who knows what I will decide? First I have to remove everything that is there.

Geez, it sounds like there is a LOT of work I could be doing, doesn’t it? I just have not felt like doing any of it yet. Our weather has cooled down this week to the 70’s, so maybe that will spur me forward.


  1. Next spring when you are digging up all those 'Wild carrots' try roasting them for dinner- :)Not quite the same as carrots, but roasted when younge with butter etc, and they are just fine.

  2. Hey girl! (or should I abbrv. to GGG?) Are they like parsnips? Parsnips in a little butter... yummy!

  3. GGG, I never heard of cooking them before. I guess I am growing some veggies after all--lol.

  4. How often do you have to edge your gardens?

  5. So far, Sylvana, I have only edged once this spring (I never got around to it on this day). I will do them once more before winter sets in.


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