Saturday, August 20, 2005

1st Bloom

on the butterfly bush


  1. Everything looks impressively tidy! Is that beach/water in the background?

  2. Ah, Sabine. I can only dream that it was a beach! It is actually the driveway of a warehouse. The owners decided to cut down the trees in May and expose my backyard to an UGLY view of their building.

  3. Aren't first blooms great! It seems we have all been on a bit of hiatus on blogging lately. I've been busy and also trying to cram in the last of the summer holidays to do list!

  4. But for the Douglas Fir trees, we would have a clear view of a very unattractive sawmill operation, so I sympathize with you. And all this time I imagined that you lived near water. LOL!


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