Thursday, August 11, 2005

Allium 'Persian Blue'

Does anyone have Allium 'Persian Blue'? I am planning to order 20 bulbs from Breck's. Before I do I would like to know if any of you have them and what you think of them. They look beautiful in the catalog, but I learned long ago not to trust those pictures. Are they really a bluish color or do they look more purple? I am interested in all thoughts, opinions, etc.


  1. I was looking at these to. I lost my stupid catalog and 25 dollar free offer thing! I'm so unorganized.

  2. Hey, they call it blue when there really isn't a true blue in flowers is there? Maybe morning glories or lobelia are close. I think they are a smashing color!
    I am itching to order from the various catalogs myself. I'd stick to Breck's or Van B.

  3. For goodness sakes, Sandy, stop reading blogs and start digging through your garbage until you find it! LOL. The offer is just too good to refuse.

    dianne, I am hoping that are at least a different purple than the allium I have now. Assuming they bloom at the same time, I think the contrast would be nice. Yes, I like Breck's, Van. B. and Spring Hill. I really only order bulbs through catalogs. I have found that the local nurseries are best for other things.

  4. HI, found your blog by complete accident. My wife has these flowers (keep in mind I'm the soil slinging husdand here) And they are witout a doubt the most beautiful in I mean her garden. I call them "Grover noses" because the blue reminds me of that Seasame puppet. Anyway think I will Impress her with my new knowlage.
    Just a thought

  5. davey, Thank you so much for stopping by. Your comment has sealed my decision - I am buying them. "Grover noses" -- I love it!!!

  6. I saw the same things in the bluestone catalouge that came yesterday- they didn't look so brilliant in their picture, it was more of a duller blue.

  7. Now I want some grover noses too! Maybe I can find them I have already placed one catalog order for fall bulbs.

  8. Hey, Zoey -

    Let us know how they do for you. I am near enough in climate that I will likely get similar results, and I've been looking at these and the variety 'azure' for years.


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