Thursday, August 25, 2005

Is this it?

This is my first cardinal flower. is a beautiful red color.

At the moment that is the only good thing I can say about it. LOL.

I am sure when it spreads and I have a nice little mass of these, I will like it a lot better. I do hope they spread fast! ???


  1. I wouldn't know; cardinal flower is on my Tried and Died List.

  2. Tried and Died...I like that, Sabine!

  3. It DOES have a great red color. Very tall too. LOL @ Sabine's "tried and Died list".


  4. Ha!
    Tried and Died -
    Oh man, me too.

    Hummingbirds ADORE it.

    I will try this one again sometime. I really like it.

  5. Mine is stalky too. Perhaps you need a bunch of it in a circle maybe? I really love the red salvia which looks a little like cardinal flower but is an annual.

  6. Dianne, have you had yours for long? I am wondering how quickly they spread.

  7. In the wild, cardinal flower likes full sun and wet soil, so this being a dry year, I'm sure it didn't do its best. Also, I wonder if you pinched it fairly early in the season if it would make several blooming stalks instead of just one.

  8. I planted it this year and the clump has expanded a little. It REALLY likes moisture. Mine is alway sulking by the end of a hot day. It only looks happy after we've had a good, soaking rain.

  9. No spreading but I have it in a garden with ornamental grass and you know what grass does to companion plants.


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