Sunday, August 7, 2005

Email Address

Do you leave comments when you must put your email address in before it will take the comment? I have done so, but I don't like to. So often lately I get a comment all typed and hit send and that annoying screen pops up that wants my email. Lately I have just been X-ing out without leaving the comment. I think the spam bots can pick up that email address and I get enough V ia gr a and get-rich-quick scheme emails now! I feel bad because I know we bloggers just live for comments! Does it bother anyone else or am I just being too cautious?


  1. I only use my hotmail address for blogging.

  2. You are right about the spam bots. I have an email addy I use if I really want to leave an address. Otherwise I use the old standby

  3. A few of the blogs ask me to leave my email addy, but says it won't be shared.

  4. Good idea, Sandy, to have a second email address. I never thought of hotmail probably because in my email any hotmail address is set to automatically delete before it gets to me. (so many spammers, etc on hotmail).
    Kerry, I never thought to just put a fake in there.
    Dianne, I know they SAY that, but I believe the bad guys can get your email address anyway once it's out there floating around all over the place.

  5. And I was just thinking about an off-topic post about e-mail addresses and scammers, for the same reason. Since I started my blog I am getting scams sent to my e-mail address regularly. I wondered if it was because I used my e-mail address to comment on a blog. I trust the blogger in this case completely, but I know the scammers have developed software to scan for e-mail addresses. They can probably find them even if they are hidden from public view, although I don't know how yet.

  6. I know I have gotten a lot of spam from leaving an email address with a comment. I currently run a WordPress blog and yes, it does require your email address and no, it never gets published onscreen where a spammer could get it. I do get to see it when I get the email notification of the comment. If a spammer is abusing an email system, I can then report it to the isp that delivered the mail. If it is from a legitimate commenter, I have a way of responding to them without sending a public message through the comment system. And if they are posting harassing or offensive comments, I can block them from posting again. Because WordPress blogs aren't run by a central service (like blogger is), the only way a spammer could get your email address from me is to break through the security features built into my webhost and my WordPress software.

    So when a blog says your email won't be published, I think it is pretty safe. And when it doesn't give that assurance, it's a pretty safe bet that you will be spammed. On the other hand, don't hesitate to add your blog address. I find most of my new blogs by checking out the comment authors of the blogs I'm already reading.


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