Sunday, August 14, 2005

6:45 a.m.

And all is well in my little world.


  1. Beautiful Zoey. I would love to walk through your gardens and sit in that nice seating area under the shade with my tea. When is a good time. LOL


  2. Just give me time to run out and wash that table, taracotta (it gets pretty grungy back there with all the pine needles dropping on it). Will that be hot tea or iced tea?

  3. Hi Zoey,
    I wish our garden looked as good as yours does in the heat of August were not doing bad but I love all your Petunias ours are going to seed here in MO... I think your garden is just beautiful... Huggles Tina

  4. Hi Tina, thank you and glad to have you visit.

  5. People must love driving by your house! It's beautiful!

  6. Stunning Zoe, I love to visit your corner of the web for inspiration - have just moved and have a patch o grass awaiting my designs - any tips?? Where do I start?? Nothing there as yet, just grass.

    Thanks for the blog Zoe,

  7. Mel, So nice to see you again!


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