Saturday, August 20, 2005

Now I Pay The Price

for the beautiful apple blossums in May.

What a daily mess!

Those blooms lasted about three days. I will be picking up apples for about 6 weeks.


  1. Do you have neighborhood kids you could hire?

  2. No kids, but DH is pretty good at it and he's cheap! LOL

  3. Zoey - I've just been looking at your stunningly beautiful garden. I can't believe all that green grass. It's a long time since I've seen grass like that in dry old Australia. Your garden is so pretty and lush. But I guess you deserve to have a lovely summer garden as I assume it's covered in snow for much of the winter. Is that right? I'm looking forward to reading all your postings, too.

  4. Alice, so nice to have you visit. How did you find me?
    Yes, snow will be coming probably in less than 2 months--In about 6 weeks I will be dumping all 50 -60 of those containers on the deck....I hate to even think about it.

  5. I found you through Calidore's site. You sent her a comment and she, too, was very impressed with your garden so, naturally, I had to check it out too. My morning ritual is to walk up to the kitchen, turn on the kettle, walk in here and turn on the computer and then go outside to collect the paper. So you see, blogging is second only to the morning cup of tea in priority.

    I occasionally post to 'DigInDirt' blogsite as 'Sweet Alice'. This site has mostly Northern Hemisphere bloggers. I could really feel their frustration with the slowness of the approaching Spring, when all they wanted to do was get down and dirty in the garden. Now I guess they are virtually counting how many gardening days they have left until the first snows.

    We are so lucky here in that we can garden all year round. Where I live we get frosts in the winter but rarely any snow, although if you look at my blog you will see photos of a little snow which fell a couple of weeks ago. Mostly our winters are frosty, followed by clear sunny days.

    It's such a shame to have to discard all those beautiful plants. Are the Cannas in pots? If so, could you not cut them down and 'hide' them somewhere?

    By the way, what will you do with all of those apples? Do you cook and freeze them, or make sauce, or what?

    Continue to enjoy your garden for the next couple of months.

  6. Alice, thank you so much for answering my question. I am always curious how people find me. I, too, find many new blogs by checking out the comments on other's sites. Your morning routine is identical to mine, except for getting the paper. I get up well before the paper arrives!
    I went to your blog already today - so strange to see snow this time of the year - lol. Your gardens look beautiful and I am looking forward to having you and some of the other Aussie bloggers to get me thru the winter. I am sorry, I misled you when I said I had to throw away ALL the plants. I most certainly save the canna, the callas and the dahlias. I just stick them under the house (a crawl space until next spring). I also save the 4 hibiscus trees in the basement.
    Unfortunately the apples are duds and I don't use them for anything other than to throw in the compost pile.


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