Sunday, April 1, 2007

A Good Day for a Little Cleaning

And that's no April foolin'.

I was up on the ladder cleaning the ceiling light when I glanced over to this area above my storage cupboards.

I screeched out loud, "Look at all that Dust!"

Since I had the ladder right there, it was the time to take everything down, wash it and put it all back. This is a bit of a chore, as I have to take one piece at a time, climb down the ladder. carry it over to the sink, climb back up the ladder, get another piece, etc. etc.

I had a picture of me up there on the ladder. But it is Sunday, I have not showered and I have not done a thing to my hair....Need I say more? LOL.

Just imagine me up there.

Here it is all freshly washed.
I have to do this once every quarter, or 4 times per year to keep it clean.

I also rearranged the family room to open up the access to the deck. This is easy to do. I move 1 loveseat and 2 side chairs, and one end table.

I switched out the holiday quilt for this blue 'Jacob's Ladder', which I think has a more spring-like feel.

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I moved the mini quilt rack up here to display the little house quilt I made this winter. The duck is holding today's Palm Sunday frond.
Speaking of palm fronds, here's a few facts I found at
A semi-load of palm fronds carries about $14,000 to $30,000 worth of fronds, depending on the size of frond ordered.Large fronds are bundled in sets of 25 while fronds from dwarf palms number about 100 to 200 in each burlap bag.Sold in counts of 1,000, the fronds cost more as Palm Sunday nears.
This is the first time I've ever really considered that someone makes money off the fronds you get in church on Palm Sunday.

I have a beef roast and carrots in the oven with potatoes all peeled just waiting for the proper time to cook them.

I did no outside work this weekend, which is just fine. We usually have snow the first of April so I am used to not getting to it until mid-April.

I finished half of the 80 blocks for the quilt border. I ran out of the red fabric, so will have to change to something else for the other half. That is not a major problem. I will make it look like I planned it that way. I am amazed at how much fabric I have used on this quilt. I don't even know exactly how much, but it's well over 12 yards and I am not even finished.
Has anyone else ever noticed that paper-piecing uses a lot of extra fabric?


  1. I also have a few areas that I go up and down the ladder to dust, wash and clean. Not my favorite chore and am always glad when it's done.
    Interesting about the palm fronds!!

  2. So you do that quarterly, Zoe? That's about how often I dust my coffee tables. But I'm glad someone is holding up their end when it comes to housework.

    Funny about the palms. I, too, just realized the same thing after I read an article about them in the paper today. I guess because I grew up with that tradition I always thought that laughing, happy, people in tropical climates sent them to us because they were Catholic. Uhh, I guess not. I also read in that article that they collect the palms in a more eco-friendly fashion now though they didn't explain just what that was. I like your palm holder.

  3. I did that for years, Zoey!! After people stopped being willing to help me up and down the ladder, I just use baskets. I throw them to the floor. If they break, I buy a new one.
    Did you know the burnt palm fronds are what we use for ashes the next Ash Wednesday??!!

  4. Hi Susie!

    LOL, LostRoses. I do it more often now that I keep that ladder in the family room (under that quilt). Much more convenient than going to the garage to drag it up/down the stairs. I've gotten pretty creative in my old age, don't you think? LOL.

    Sissy, I did not know that the ashes were burnt fronds! I learned something again from my readers.


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