Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sewing on the Last Border

What a good feeling to be sewing the very last seam of the quilt border.

I had a couple little challenges before getting to this point.

The thing about quilt borders is that they rarely come out nice and neat at the corner.

See how this does not "flow" around the corner?
Most people would probably plan the corner block beforehand, but not me. I just sew and work out the problems as they occur.

With this border, I decided to go with a wild spikey block at the corner.

I think it works quite nicely.

I am also happy with the blue I added around the edges to tie in the blue background in the bird blocks. The quilt Gods were smiling upon me as I did not run out of the blue fabric. I had just the tiniest piece leftover.

I wish I could show you a better picture of the completed quilt top, but it's too big and I don't have two people around to hold it up, so this will have to do.

So now my big winter project is done.

I have had a pretty productive winter, piecing two complete quilts. This snowman quilt was the first one.
I have decided, though, that this one still needs another border because I don't like it ending with white. I need a darker border to anchor it. All that's for another day.

Right now I am just going to bask in the glory of having completed the cardinal quilt. Now I must think of a name for it. Something with a little more pizazz than "the cardinal quilt".

Any ideas? Maybe "Birds of a Feather"?


  1. How about "Impressive" for a name, as in that is quite a quilt! Beautiful.

  2. The bird quilt is gorgeous! I too am very impressed! Congrats on a finished project! Now if the weather will cooperate it's out to the garden!

  3. You've really got something to show for your winter! Wish I could say the same...
    I like "Feathered Friends" for a name :)

  4. Oh Zoey, it's magnificent!! I just love how you complimented each border and that light blue you chose to finish it off with is perfect!! Do you sell your quilts or are they all for your own use? When I went to visit those two museums in Burlington last month, one of them was hosting a quilt display...some from the 1800's. Thought of you right away:-)

    P.S. I bought some A&W root beer yesterday...hehe!!

  5. Hi Zoey - what beautiful quilts. I like the way you use color and pattern to tell the story - very nice. I love the "spikey block" corners!

  6. But it's snow, Zoey, it should end in white! What amazing winter projects and what a talented craftswoman you are.

  7. What a beauty! You should enter it in a contest. I like 'Birds of a Feather' too.
    I really admire quilters as I have known a few over the last 8 years because of Love Quilts-they have to assemble the cross stitched blocks in an interesting way-some designs are really tiny. They always turn out nice for the sick kids.

  8. Absolutely stunning Zoey - well done....I love it.

  9. LOVE it Zoey!
    Breathtaking! Stunning!
    A work of art!
    Thanks for sharing the process! Sooo inspiring!


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