Thursday, April 12, 2007

If I Didn't Have to Work Today, This is What I Would Have Done

Made a Snow Bunny!

We got a lot of heavy wet snow and it would have been perfect to make another snowbunny like this one I made in late April of 1992. A snow sculptress I'm not, but it sure is fun to do if it's not too cold outside.

I told everyone at work that I wanted to go home to make one. I've been waiting for the opportunity. Too bad the snow didn't come on Saturday.


  1. That is to funny! I hope we are DONE with the snow!!!

  2. YUK!!
    All that snow in April is enough to make me sick! I am sorry, Zoey. I hope you see 75°, this weekend and it all melts!

  3. LOL you had done a great job on it in '92!! We had snow flurries again today but nothing that accumulated too much on the ground.


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