Monday, April 2, 2007

Every Now and Then I Find it Interesting to See What People have Searched For and Found My Blog

I always wonder if they were disappointed when whatever they were looking for sent them to my lowly little spot in cyberspace.

Most of these searches are topics I do write about, except for "the crabapple bakery cupcake cookbook". I don't recall ever writing about that, so I guess they were disappointed.

These are my last 43 searches:
Num Perc. Search Term
4 9.30% easter tablescapes
2 4.65% making barrel planter
2 4.65% duggar floor plan
2 4.65% persian shield bloom
2 4.65% tablescapes
2 4.65% how to arrange calla lillies
1 2.33% red branches with prickers
1 2.33% windex use on bathroom countertops
1 2.33% the crabapple bakery cupcake cookbook
1 2.33% spare ribs gone bad
1 2.33% paeonia festiva maxima
1 2.33% side gardens
1 2.33% tablescapes for easter
1 2.33% arranging dishes in a china cabinet
1 2.33% calla lillies plants
1 2.33% country spare ribs
1 2.33% napkins folded to look like a bunny
1 2.33% best kolache recipe
1 2.33% paper peiced blocks
1 2.33% czech recipe kolache
1 2.33% persian shields
1 2.33% how big will phlox get
1 2.33% globe thistle not blooming
1 2.33% allium molly
1 2.33% do deer like cannas
1 2.33% what does sedum look like
1 2.33% simple floral arrangements using tulips
1 2.33% deer and rabbit repellent recipe
1 2.33% will creeping phlox work in a window box
1 2.33% tablescapes for easter and spring
1 2.33% spring cleanup perennial garden
1 2.33% fire king/peach lustre
1 2.33% easter table settings
1 2.33% tulip fat leaves only
1 2.33% duggar family
43 100.00%

9 out of the 43 were looking for an Easter or spring tablescape. I am amazed at how quickly the word "tablescape" is finding its way into the vocabulary of mainstream society. (I actually printed this out earlier today. (When I just rechecked the count was 15 out of 60--or 25% of my searches).

When I started this blog a little over two years ago, it was rare to find "tablescape" in the searches. This little observation is probably of no interest to anybody but me, so I shall move on.

It is still too cold to work outside. The local weather lady is predicting cold and snow for the rest of the week which is fine with me. I don't really feel like doing all that clean up work just yet.

Hope you 've all had a great Monday. I am off to read a few blogs... which brings up a recent sore spot with me.

Last week I took the time to comment on three new blogs (all quilting blogs) and not one of the authors even acknowledged my existence. I didn't expect a big drum roll, but a quick tapping of the keyboard could have produced at least "thanks for stopping by Zoey". The same thing happened on a couple of other quilt blogs (months ago). I guess I will just go back to lurking on the quilt blogs.

Do you all think I am being too sensitive?


  1. No Zoey, I don't think you are being too sensitive, we all like to be acknowledged...Your blog was the first blog that I found, I was Googling "perennials".

    You are still at the top of my favorites list!

  2. I'm with Suzy. If you leave a comment, that blogger should reciprocate, at the very least. I read two blogs which the blogger never comments on my site. I don't see them comment on any site, so I guess it's ok.
    Not all folks are friendly, I guess!!

  3. What's up with those quilters? I try to always visit a new blog if someone has been on mine. It's not like I get a lot of visitors anyway.
    Hmmm...those poor people looking for Easter tablescapes-did you do one? I remember the chicken/rooster one of late. ; )

  4. Suzy, Thank you! I do hope I acknowledged your visit in my comments!

    Sissy, I guess that's true. But I still think it's RUDE.

    Dianne, I am beginning to wonder if quilting somehow contributes to unfriendliness! No, I did not do an Easter table this year.

  5. I don`t think so either Zoey. It`s only courtesy to acknowledge a visit. Maybe they`re too busy quilting. I know some blogs have gazillions of comments and maybe it`s hard to reply. But possible I would think :)
    Did you say cleaning??? What`s that when things are piled high in rooms? LOL



  6. My daughter, Kylie, found the same thing with knitting blogs. Maybe they're just too busy knitting and quilting!
    No, you're not being too sensitive. Without interaction a blog is just another website. It's the friendliness and chatting back and forth that holds the real interest for me....meeting and getting to know others from near and far. The rest is just icing on the cake.
    Happy spring Zoey!

  7. Hi Zoey - my weekly check in! I suspect the 'crabapple' link came from our Celestine Sibley string since she lived in the Crabapple Community.

  8. Hi! I hope I wasn't one of "those people" who never say thanks for stopping by!!! Things have been crazy around here for two weeks mom is visiting and we've been taking her everywhere. Next week I plan to catch up on all my blog-buddies and leave some comments. :)I read your all the time!!!
    Have a wonderful day!!

  9. Tea, At least you have an excuse for not cleaning--at least until the remodel is done.

    Hi Kerri, I stopped in to see you recently, but you hadn't updated. I hope you have a great spring, too.

    Anonymous, You probably are correct about that. --is that you, Pat???? If so, I've been thinking about you lately because I haven't heard from you. I hope all is well.

    Hi Dawn, No, it was't you. (smile)

  10. I feel just like the others. I have actually quit going to a blog if I have commented several times and got no response. Even if a new blog holds no interest to me I thank them for the visit. I don't expect much from people who have 50+ comments but don't often comment on those anyway.

  11. I'm visiting my folks and staying in a hotel with high speed internet. I am in heaven! With the slow dial up I have at home, it's almost impossible for me to visit very many blogs every day, but I certainly enjoy all I'm able to visit. When possible, time wise, I always try to leave a message.

  12. It's like saying, "Hi" and not getting a greeting in return.

    On a side note, I remember when you said the beta option wasn't available for a long time b/c you had such a photo-heavy blog. How much disk space have you used up? Mine says I've used up almost 1/3 of my space and it's bee less than a year. I don't want to pay for more photo storage if I don't have to. Thanks!


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