Saturday, April 28, 2007

Well, if this Isn't A SLAP IN THE FACE

to any dedicated tulip-loving gardener!
This is exactly where I found this tulip--laying right on top of the rock wall.
Wouldn't you think the varmit could at least EAT the tulip?
I wonder if a chipmunk or squirrel did this? I've seen rabbits do it with lilies, but they just left them on the ground. I've never seen a rabbit run along the rock wall.
I am so happy to announce to the blogsphere that I have my gardening energy back! I have been outside for the past hour cutting down sedum autumn joy and I am loving it--just loaded with energy! I love that feeling!!
Well, the break is over so back outside I go. I will be posting again later this afternoon.
I hope you are all having a good Saturday morning!


  1. I hate when that happens. When a varmint chews off a flower, they could at least go ahead and eat it!

  2. I knew you would get your garden energy back! You know deer do that too, just lift the plants out of the ground, and drop them. I think your culprit was a squirrel, though.

  3. Yay! I've been waiting and waiting for garden pictures. :)

    My mom kept wondering why one of her rosebushes wouldn't flower at the new house. One day she saw a squirrel eat the whole bud! Explained it.

  4. Last year i had the same thing happen. I was totally ready to buy a shotgun.

    This year is a terrible one for my tulips. The bulbs i planted last fall are good but the other ones from previous years are miserable -- even the ones that have been planted here for years. I have no idea what happened??

  5. Hooray for your gardening energy!!! The rabbits were bad with my tulips this year - but basically just ate down the leaves. I think the problem is squirrels - little buggers!

    Can't wait to see more garden photos!

  6. That would make me a little upset too. They could have just left the flower if they were going to leave it there any way. I think it is just a BRAT!!!

  7. We have parrots that persist in pruning the ivy geraniums in tubs on the balustrade around the deck. They don't eat anything, just keeping pecking away until they are cut right to the ground and leave all the mess on the path below.

  8. Hi everyone,
    I guess we all have these problems at one time or another.

    Kate, I never get a good return bloom on tulips. If the deer/rabbits leave them alone, I will get a grand display IF I plant new every year. Two years ago I spent over $200 on a couple hundred tulip bulbs and when spring came NOT ONE BULB flowered. The deer ate them all. I have not bought any new since then. It's just too expensive, even though I do love tulips.


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