Friday, March 30, 2007

The Weather is Not Cooperating

It's too cold and rainy to work outside.

Luckily I had a back up plan.

I figured out my next border for the cardinal quilt. This is the 4.5 inch block I will use.

I needed something nice and simple so it won't look too busy. I think this one will work just fine.
I need to make 80 of these.

Yes, that is 8 - 0. Eighty. This is only 11.

This is what the border will look like when I sew them together.

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So, if nothing else, I will at least get some sewing done this weekend.

I was thinking of gettng out the Easter decorations, but I decided to forget about them this year. We are going out for brunch on Easter with my inlaws so I see no need to decorate. It's way too much work to do for only a week anyway. I usually do it about 4-6 weeks ahead so I can enjoy it. This year time just went by too fast!

It's been three days and still no skunk (or anything else) on the camera. I guess nothing is living under the shed.

Anybody doing anything exciting this weekend?


  1. Well my house is decorated up for Easter. I'll post some pics soon..
    No rain here, just lovely sun and lots to do in the garden!!

  2. It's just cold down here. I got a good bit done. Might work a bit more out there tomorrow, weather permitting. Maybe it'll be better for your spring start tomorrow!

  3. H and I are off to points south to visit my folks and the grandkids. I can tell you already, it's wayyyyy too warm down here. I remember now why I live in Maine.


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