Sunday, April 29, 2007

It Was a Wonderful Weekend

I didn't do nearly as much outside work today because I couldn't use scissors after all.

I did do some edging on this phlox border.Last fall I planted a few dozen shorter red lilies all around the phlox. I didn't notice any coming up yet. I do hope they survived the winter.

I did find my first grub.

Look how I can pick him right up! I'm proud of that. I've even squished them right between my gloved fingers.

Oh and look at this big beautiful earthworm!

I overturned them with every shovel full. There are so many interesting things to discover in the underground world!

I was reading Sandy's post about Johnny Jump Ups and decided to go take a another look at mine. They are such little lovlies when you take the time to look closely at their little pansy-like faces.


  1. You still got alot of work done. Love the Johhny Jump ups.

  2. I'm happy you were able to work in the garden this weekend. Our weekend was rainy and yucky. Ah well, there is always next weekend!

  3. You are indeed very brave to be able to pick up a grub and even squish I'm gonna have nightmares! lol Ewwwwwww! It's funny, earthworms don't bother me at all and in fact I will pick them up and place them somewhere else...but any other type of worm or bug, forget it!! My Johnny Jump Ups are coming up the gravel in my driveway for goodness sakes!

  4. Zoey,
    I love the little Johnny faces, too. It's amazing how tough they are-coming back thru all that snow!!

  5. one of my favorite past times in the garden is squishing grubs between my fingers and feeling them pop. I know, its odd...but strangely satisfying. (I do wear gloves though...)


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