Thursday, April 26, 2007

Alright, What's the Secret

to changing the profile picture???????????

I've tried 4 times to change it and nothing happens.

I am uploading a picture to my blog.

Then I copy the url of the picture and paste it into the profile picture spot.

I hit update and it just keeps the cardinal picture. It does not say anything about the pic being too large, etc.

So if you have me on bloglines, it's probably saying I've updated a zillion times. (sorry about that!)

Anybody know what I am doing wrong?


  1. You need to hit "publish" too...after you've hit "updated" go into your template and click on publish...I learned that the hard way! lol Hope this helps!

  2. Well, it's not saying more than 1 on bloglines, so I'm guessing you didn't republish as Pea says..

  3. Thanks, Pea & Susie. I republished but still it did not change. I tried again this morning.

    It just keeps giving me the bird! LOL.

  4. Zoey, I am laughing like crazy... "keeps giving you the bird!!!" Waaay toooo funny!
    I wish I could help... but I know nothing... my blog has not changed since day one... and I want to update it sooo bad!

  5. Zoey, you're a scream :)
    I haven't tried changing my profile photo so I can't give you any advise. Sorry. Sounds like you're doing everything right though. Must be a blogger quirk (one of the many).
    I don't know if we'll see any sun today or not. So far it's not looking good....but at least the temps are warmer and there's no snow!! Hope you get some sunshine!

  6. After putting the link in, did you go all the way down to the bottom of the page and hit "Save Profile"? It won't change until you do that.

  7. Hi Sylvana,
    Yes, I did that, too. I think blogger must be having a problem. I've changed it lots of times before. Thanks for trying to help, though.

    I have not tried it today, so I think I will go try now.

  8. I see you are still a pretty red bird, Zoey. I've changed my photo several times since changing to Blogger and had no trouble, so I can't imagine why it's not working for you.

  9. Alice, Have you changed it in the past couple of days?

  10. I kind of figured that you knew that. When you copy the URL, do you take the 2nd one in the code? I just tried to change my profile pic and it would not change when I used the first URL in the code, but it changed just fine when I used the second URL in the code.


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