Thursday, April 12, 2007

Keep Page Open While You Look at Links

Doesn't it frustrate you when you click on a hyperlink (like one of links in red on the post below) to look at the picture. Then you hit the X to remove the picture to go back to reading the post and the blog is gone?

I never did figure out how to make a hyper link open in a new window. I found some code, but when I inserted it, it said it was not allowed.

So here is the next best thing. Right click on the red link and click "open in a new window". That way you can view the linked info, and still stay in the blog when you X it out. Once you get into the habit of doing this, it will save you a lot of frustrated surfing.


  1. This works most of the time. I have issues with folks who have right-click blogging software that disables any right-click function.

    They use it to protect their stuff from being copied by those who would steal copyright, but it makes me batty when I can't just click a link to a new tab. (I use the Firefox browser and love it.)

  2. I'm going to experiment with this. I think I understand what you're saying here ...
    I couldn't see an email addy, so I'll answer your marshmallow sauce question: I pour the sauce over the top of fresh fruit, but you can thin it down and use it as a fruit dip as well. My daughter loves it spread on most anything! :)
    The recipe came from the locally famous Nut Tree Restaurant, which no longer exists, but they had fabulous food!

  3. Hi Jenn,
    I have encountered that many times in my blog surfing when I've tried to save an image for future reference. I don't understand why it can't be coded to open in a second page??? I've seen it done in other blogs...they must not use Blogger.

    Susie, Thanks for answering. My first thought was that it would make a great summer fruit dip. I've copied it and hope to remember to try it this summer.

  4. Cooool....I've just tried it for your comments box and it opened it in a new window:-) Thanks so much for the tip Zoey!! xox

  5. thanks so much. i'm gonna try this from now on.


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