Friday, April 6, 2007

So why do I publish my everyday musings?

Sissy tagged me for the “Why Do You Blog” meme. I've spent some time and a zillion thought ions trying to figure out why.

I’ve decided it’s quite simple.

I started blogging to share my gardening experiences with other like souls—people who loved, but took a light-hearted approach to gardening. I am not really that interested in what the proper latin name of a plant is. I am more interested in the pleasure derived from creating a summer vacation spot in my own backyard. I like the whole process--digging the dirt, weeding, deadheading and just sitting on the deck taking in the efforts of my labors. BB (before blogging) I had a garden web site. It seemed like it would be easier to update and to have human connections on Blogger so I moved here.

I never had grandiose ideas of increasing the world knowledge bank or becoming another Gertrude Jekyll or Vita Sackville-West. I just wanted to find others who planted old sleds to add atmosphere to their summer deck, or dug up their yard and used the rocks to make an amateur rockwall. (BTW, I have yet to find another person who used an old sled as a planter.) But I have found many other people who willing share their gardening expertise and have taught me many things (gardening and otherwise). Though not friends in the normal sense (I've never met nor talked to any of them), they all enhance my daily life.

In the beginning anonymity was appealing. Of course, that has changed. One by one people who know me in real life have found my blog, so, even with the fake name, I am no longer anonymous. I am so comfortable with that now that I have even plastered my own mug all over the blog. That is not really a wise thing to do, but most of us have. I know I enjoy a blog more when I know what the author looks like.

Since I started blogging, I have noticed an increase in awareness of everything around me. It's strange how that happens, but almost everything I do these days is fodder for a blog entry so I pay closer attention to details. I like that.

Along the way my blog has developed its own personality and has garnered a small band of loyal readers. It is a good feeling to know that others enjoy stopping by to read my posts. Let face it—if nobody ever came in to read what I wrote, I would most certainly stop posting. So once again I would like to thank all of you who pop in to visit me--I know many of you have never left a comment, and that's fine. I just hope you find something of interest you when you stop by.

I also find this blog to be a wealth of memory aiding information. I am always going back to the archives to find out something. Last week it was the chicken fingers I made earlier this year. I could not remember how I had seasoned them so I went back to find out.

A few weeks ago I was kicking around the idea of giving up this almost daily blogging habit. I've noticed a few of the blogs I used to read have quit this year. I've been doing it for over two years. It's getting tough to post new topics. My life just isn't all that exciting! I do pretty much the same thing every year. When my garden begins to bloom, it will look pretty much like it has for the past two years.

I've decided I am not quite ready to delete the old blog. I'm pretty attached to it. So for now I shall continue to try to find something to post about for as long as it remains fun to do.

I am not going to tag anyone, but feel free to take this as a topic if you have the desire. I will warn you, it's harder than you may think! It took a long time to do this post, but it was fun!

Sissy asked me if it snowed here.

Here's what it looks like outside my computer room right now. Not a lot of snow, but it's going to continue all weekend.


  1. I feel pretty much the same as you do, Zoey. I enjoy gardening and quilting, so I do them.
    Looks the same out my computer room window, but we have more snow, and now a lot of limbs down from the weight of it.
    Have a Happy Easter!

  2. Hi Zoey
    I've been reading your blog and checking it daily for updates for several months now but have been a lazy lurker. Your post today inspired me to comment. I found your blog by linking from another gardening blog. Nobody leads an exciting life every day and I think most people, like me, are very interested in the little details of other people's daily lives, especially if they have shared interests. I really enjoy your blog and am inspired by your energy levels and how much you accomplish while holding a full-time job. Keep it up girl!

  3. Sandy, you have a happy Easter, too. I hope it stops snowing in your area.

    Sandra, Thank you so much for unlurking and for the kind words. I get inspired when I know people like you are checking for updates. I hope you continue to find something worthwhile. Please feel free to comment any time.

  4. Zoey..It doesn't have to be exciting everyday...All of us lead different lives and your ordinary day may not be mine and vise -versa. I enjoy your recipes with photos, how you change things in your house almost weekly!... and just your take on everyday things.

  5. Dianne<---real nameFri Apr 06, 10:11:00 PM 2007

    Bravo! Well said-whatever your real name is. : ) I figured it probably wasn't Zoey, but I'm not going to try and guess.
    I started blogging because I wanted a journal to look back on things in my life and things happening at any particular moment-like a time capsule. Along the way, you and a few others have come back to say hi and leave a nice comment. I don't have a huge following. I do read other blogs, but I don't get into a lot of them with exchanges, etc., though I have tried a few. I also wanted a place to put up my photos.
    You can go with 'everything old is new again' just take a photo of your flowers in a different way or tell us about your daytrips-anything is fine with me. It's been great to get to know you-you were one of the first to ever leave a comment at my blog. Thanks Zelda, I mean Zoey! ; )

  6. Hi - my name is Kris, and I'm a blog voyeur. I'm also a long-time gardener and just began my own blog. I've been slowly checking out garden blogs, and yours is one I have really enjoyed. I went back and looked at your garden photos from last year - beautiful. I think your garden design is really nice. Please keep blogging - I want to see this year's photos as you post them. (My reasons for starting a blog are very similar to yours. Unfortunately in Minnesota it will be another month before the gardens really start up, so I'm posting the rest of my life while I wait.) Thanks - I will be checking in regularly even if I don't always leave a comment.

  7. Zoey, this was so much fun to read - you're right about using one's own blog as a memory device! Sometimes it feels as if I keep my brain inside the computer. And it was interesting to know we did some things the same way. I also started out with a gardening website, wrote under a pen name, and have had people find and recognize me. But we got our pen names from the opposite ends of the alphabet ;-]

    I'm glad you decided to keep writing and am impressed that you've already been blogging for two years.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  8. Hi Zoey,
    I found your blog pbbly a year ago from surfing gardening blogs. I was looking for ideas for my own garden. I think I went and looked at all your posts to see how your garden blooms from month to month. I'm simply astounded by the amount of work you put in, especially for only a few months of color. SoCal weather is so mild and I still can't muster up that kind of energy. I like how you share your knowledge from gardening to computer advice (thanks!). Anyway, just wanted to say I look forward to checking your blog each day and I hope you continue blogging. Even if you do nothing but post pretty pictures of your garden, that's enough for me. :)
    BTW, thanks for telling me you couldn't see the photos on my tea party post. I fixed it now.

  9. Suzy, You noticed I do a lot of changing? LOL. I get bored with it the same way all the time. It's nice to know you enjoy the everyday things. Thank you.

    Dianne, Yes, you were one of first buds, too. Maybe I should have a contest--"Guess Zoey's real name"...LOL. You might be surprised...

    Hi Kris, the blog Voyeur (big smile). So nice to meet you! I am going over to see your blog as soon as I finish this. We garden in much the same conditions--it's a good month away here, too. Please feel free to comment any time.

    Annie it's always nice to see you. Time does fly in the blog world!

    Chopsticks, With all that beautiful food you cook, I can see why you wouldn't have time to garden! I do put in a TON of work for just a few months of pleasure. I am so glad you enjoy seeing it. Thank you.

  10. Yes, Zoey, we're interested in the details, no matter how mundane. Even if I'm too tired or busy to check out all the blogs, I still go visit my essential ones, including seeing "what Zoey's doing". We care, we read!

    By the way I have never used a sled as a planter but does a wooden toolbox qualify?

  11. Zoey, I really like your take on blogging. I have not had time to check out all your archives so your garden will be new to me this year and I can't wait! I am also amazed at how much you get done! I like relaxed gardening, too, and that is why I haven't checked out too many gardening blogs. Keep up the good work!

  12. Lostroses, Yes, a toolbox is a good thing. I've seen them in magazines and I love them. I have a very tiny one, but if I ever see a big one, I will definately grab it. Have you shown yours on your blog? I don't remember seeing it.

    Jean, Don't check them out. That way I will have at least one person who will think it's all new! LOL.

    Thank you both for the kind words.

  13. Hi "Zoey",
    Now, I just thought that was your real name!
    I've enjoyed following your blog for probably at least a year. I think we connected through Kerri?
    Anyway, I'm glad we did. I look forward to your posts. Your garden, tablescapes and recipes are always fun to see!
    Susie (yes, that's really my name!)

  14. Zoey, actually the toolbox rotted away a long time ago. Note to self: should have done something to weatherproof it.

  15. Soooo....Zoey is not really Zoey?! I never suspected. Well, even if I ever find out your real name you'll always be Zoey to me :)
    Your blog has your personality - bubbly and fun - and that's why we love it! :)
    You were one of my first commenters and I've enjoyed reading your posts ever since. Your little tid bits of life are always interesting.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your gardens blooming again. It's never old hat to me.


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