Friday, April 20, 2007

Come on, Royal Flush!

I am doing something wild, wacky, fun and maybe profitable this weekend.

I am in a video poker tournament!

I've never been in one before. If I come in first place I can win $1800.

It's not likely that I will be first, but you just never know--stranger things have happened. It's all in the luck of the draw and the player's poker strategy.

I rarely play poker, but I do know the correct poker strategies. I won't follow them anyway for this tournament. In regular poker if you get a high pair, you would hold it over a suited Ace, King, Queen because in the long run you would come out ahead.

Since I will be playing for the short term tournament, I will be going for the big payoffs, so I will hold the A, K, Q and hope for a Jack, Ten in the same suit to give me the Royal. I think it will be such fun!

I took a vacation day at work today. I have to get my hair trimmed and styled at 11:30 a.m. (have to look good in case I need my pic taken for the big poker win...LOL)

It's going to be a beautiful weekend for a drive. Sunday it's going to be around 70 degrees so maybe I can fit some yard work in when I get home.

Right now I am going to get a little housework in. Must work a little before I can spend the weekend playing.

I hope you are all having great weather, too. Have fun in those gardens and I will see you in a couple of days.

Update: I had a great day off. I decided to go out and buy a new outfit for the event. Does this look like a winning combination?

Hopefully it brings me luck. Oh, O.K. I will fess up...I went out to buy a new outfit because nothing fits anymore! It's getting depressing. Many of you might think I don't look all that fat in this pic. Well, naturally I picked the pic taken at just the right angle to disguise it!

I will worry about the weight gain later. Life is too short to be depressed.


  1. Good Luck! Sounds like a blast.

  2. Good luck but be careful-those online gambling places can be addictive (I don't play-Atlantic City has taught me and I'm hardly the gambler do there). Know when to fold them. I have a friend out west who lost 50k (!) on another kind of online gambling. She must have had zoned out or something. She's ok now, but they had to dig themselves out of a big financial hole.

  3. Thanks for the good luck wishes, Kris and Dianne.

    Dianne, It's not online. Heavens I would never gamble on line--too dangerous to the bank account, for sure!! Isn't it illegal?

    Anyway this is a 3-hour drive from my house at a casino way up by Canada. I am all packed and just waiting for DH to get home from work. It's a beautiful traveling day.

  4. can see I sound really like a hick from the sticks!
    Cool-good luck, you look smashing.

  5. You look like one of those women pool players on ESPN!! FABULOUS, Zoey!!

  6. Dianne, you are certainly no hick! Remember, I thought you were a "big city" girl?

    Sissy, I have never seen one of those ESPN pool playing ladies. Is that a compliment? LOL.

  7. Looking good Zoey :) It's always nice to get a new outfit, especially one that makes you feel great.
    Sorry you didn't do so well at the poker, but sounds like you had fun trying :)
    Once you get outside into the garden those pounds will disappear. But you're right...I can't see them :) You look perfectly fine.


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