Thursday, April 12, 2007

Who Remembers Black Cows?

Scoop some ice cream into a tall glass, preferably clear glass.

Pour in some root beer, preferably A & W.

Watch the bubbles rush to the top. Quickly get your mouth on the glass and slurp up the bubbles before they run down the sides.

Pour in more root beer.

Repeat the slurping step.

Refill with root beer.

Use a tall iced tea spoon to scoop a bit of ice cream and some soda. Do this over and over again until all you have left is a mix of melted ice cream and root beer.

Drink the luscious liquid through a straw.

Ah, that was good! It's been years since I've had a Black Cow.

After this comment from Susie,
Sounds yummy! Do you remember the A&W drive-ins with car hops? They would bring the ice cold mugs of root beer to your car. They had the cutest little minature mugs for kids!

I had to come back and add this:

Not only do I remember the car hops, I WAS an A & W car hop!

This is me heading off to my first job. We had to wear brown pants, white shirt and the official A & W orange vest. Please forgive the poor quality. The picture itself is blurry and I had to take a picture of a picture.

I made .75/hr. + tips and had plenty of cash for all the things teenage girls want to buy. Those were the days!


  1. I'm going to go take a shower and then try this...I have the root beer and the ice cream!! Wait..maybe I should try this first and THEN take a shower! lol Is this what they call Floats?? Whatever, I've never tried one before! I'll take pictures and blame it on you if I get root beer and ice cream all over! hehe xox

  2. Sounds yummy! Do you remember the A&W drive-ins with car hops? They would bring the ice cold mugs of root beer to your car. They had the cutest little minature mugs for kids!

  3. LOL...Yip, used to love "root beer floats"...haven't had one in ages. YUMMY.


  4. Pea, I bet you will love it! Let me know.

    Susie, DO I REMEMBER??? I WAS an A & W car hop server!! Ah, those were the days. I have a picture of me in my little orange A & W vest. It was a fun job.

    taracotta, So nice to see you! Yes, root beer float is what it the midwest they were known as "black cows."

  5. We still have a "drive-in" down the street from us - used to be A&W, but now it's just a generic drive-in! Both of my sons worked as cooks - making time with the cute little car hops! On special occasions (like their anniversary every year), they let the car hops use roller blades. Now I'll have to go there this weekend and get a root beer float!

  6. Tooo cute! What great memories!
    Yes, I still remember as a little girl getting those free baby root beers at the A&W stands!!!
    I loved that they were frosted cold glasses! Aaaah!

  7. Oh the root beer floats are yummy!
    That's a cute photo of you, but I happen to see the one next to it where you had a poufy hairdo. : ) I hope you get to see Pea's hairstyles through the years-I had a few of the same.
    Have a cozy weekend. I think you are like me, itchy to shake off this winter stiffness and get to work out in our gardens!

  8. We loved the A & W!!! We loved the hot dogs and the root beer!! We loved the brown trays that sat on the Pontiac window!!
    Now, we love Sonic, but they don't have them, here!!

  9. Darn, Kris, I don't remember any cooks making time with this cute little car hop! LOL.

    Dianne, I did LOVE the big hair era. I still can't quite get rid of it. I enjoyed Pea's hairstyle post, too.

    Sissy, Remember those footlong coneys? That's what I ordered when I went to one a few years back. We don't have a Sonic either. I hace never been to one.

  10. I would stop at the local A&W on the way home from high school and spend my lunch money on onion rings. They used to have the most delicious onion rings!

    And then they went and did something with their breading recipe and they were horrible. Cornmeal does not belong on/in onion rings!


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