Sunday, April 22, 2007

Good Thing I Have a Day Job

because my video poker strategy did not pan out in any monetary windfall.

My new ensemble, though, garnered a few compliments from the casino host and a few of the workers. I felt good in that outfit. It's been awhile since I felt good in anything I wore. It's eyelet lace. How long has it been since eyelet lace has been in style? 1970's?

Too bad I wore it Friday night and my poker tournament was not until Saturday (maybe it would have brought me luck). I played six different times from 10am to 7pm. I never got a royal flush. I didn't even get 4 of a kind...sad, sad poker hands. I'd guess I finished in the bottom 10% (I think there were 84 of us playing). I did not go down for the winner's announcement. I knew I did not place, so I decided to take a jacuzzi instead.

My Mom & Dad surprised us and showed up Saturday afternoon. I was walking around the casino floor and almost bumped right into my mom! The hotel was full when they arrived, but luckily someone canceled and they got a room. We always have a fun time with them.

We got home about 1:00 p.m. today and it was over 80 degrees Wow, what a surprise! It was really too hot to work outside, but we did anyway for an hour or so.

If I were one of those people inclined to name their homestead, I would have to call my humble abode "Pine Cone Acres". Just look at all these pine cones. We had to use a snow shovel to pick them all up.

We removed 3 wheelbarrow loads in the front yard.

They were all from this large tree.

Thank goodness we have had 4 other trees removed from this area. Just imagine how many pine cones we used to rake up.

Friday before I left to get my hair done, I finished my table runner. I have not had a chance to set the table, but here is the runner with the inspiration dish.

I will have do more runners to match some of my other dishes. They are such a quick project compared to the two years it takes me to finish one of my king-sized quilts.

Well, that's about it for my weekend. I wish I had three days off EVERY weekend. I've been trying to get the boss to agree to allow me to do that, but so far he's not too interested in taking me up on my offer to reduce my salary by 20% in exchange for the extra day off.

I hope you have all had a great weekend, too.


  1. Your little rooster plates look similar to the ones I have hanging in my kitchen. Love the runner!!
    Too bad on the poor luck on the tournament. It's fun to gamble once in a while, but I always look on it as recreational money that I can afford to lose. That way if I do win, I'm ahead (does that make sense??)

  2. Makes perfect sense, Susie. That's how I look at it, too. You should never gamble any money that is allocated for other bills!

  3. Sorry you didn't win anything! But it sounds like you had a very nice weekend any way. It got up to 70 today I hope it is here to stay.

  4. Hi Zoey - hey at least you got a totally cute outfit out of the deal! You looked smashing in it, by the way!

    The table runner is very cool - that's a great idea. May have to dig out my very dusty sewing machine and try something like that.

    I wish I had your pinecones - I'd make firestarters out of them. But can imagine how fun they are to clean up every year.

  5. You are too fun Zoey!
    Love your new outfit... and yes, eyelet lace is so back!
    I love altering vintage clothes... well, my 22 year old daughter has begged me for 2 years to alter this white eyelet long sun dress from the late 60's or early 70's and this Easter she wore it. We altered it just the way she wanted. She got a ton of compliments and she loved telling everyone it was over 30 years old!

  6. Well, it's not if you win, it's how you play the game-correct? At least you got to look good and spend time with your mom and dad.
    That's a bunch of pine cones! I am just getting some off the evergreen in my front yard this year. People make and sell firestarters with pinecones using paraffin and even some scent. I bet you have tried every pine cone craft out there.
    We also had the warm weather-it was nice, maybe a bit too warm to walk around a town like we did.
    Your quilting looks great with those dishes!

  7. Well, hopefully you didn't lose too much!!

    Pine cones for your compost!!

  8. You have amazing talents.... Poker not being the first one that came to mind but I do love your outfit. I found a light blue embroidered camp shirt last night and decided it was too Zoey so I bought it.

  9. Hi Zoey:-) I'm back from my trip and playing catch up with everyone! It's funny you should mention all the pinecones you had to pick up...just this afternoon I went into our backyard and noticed tons of pinecones on the ground! I will have to try to rake them all up this week. Awwww what a shame you didn't win at video poker but sounds like you had a fun time anyway! Love that new outfit and you are NOT fat! You look beautiful:-) xoxo


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