Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bird Hotel Opened For the Season -- No Squirrels Allowed

I brought out three bird houses yesterday and put them on the deck. It was such fun last year watching the chickadees that made a nest in one. I am hoping to get another nest or two this year.

I thought this house needed more contrast against the white deck, so I grabbed a spray can and gave it a squirt or two of green paint. The entrance had also been eaten away by squirrels, so I added more grapevine to cover the damage.

They look a little forlorn right now, but it won't be long before this area is overflowing with plants, etc.

Since I had the can of paint out, I also painted this unfinished piece I've had in the garage for the past few years. I'm thinking it will look nice full of orange impatiens.

This little house is really a bird feeder, but I use it as a planter for hens and chicks.

Last fall I just pulled the hens and chicks out (there is a layer of landscape fabric underneath) and tossed them in this barrel. They survived quite nicely. Yesterday I just picked them up and layed them back in the feeder area.

I have never seen a bird take up residence in this little house, but I have had tree frogs in there.


  1. You've been one busy lady, Zoey! I can relate about garden attire. Some of my get ups are about as ratty as they come, but then why wear good jeans and shirts when the holey ones are still perfectly serviceable?

    I too, am looking forward to birds taking up residence in my bird houses. I have about 5 right now.

  2. Your finger looks so sore! I'm wondering just how you plant to keep the squirrels out of the bird house??

  3. That's so true, Giddy. I am so much more comfy in the old ratty stuff. I just hope no neighbor wants to drop by and chat.

    Susie, I have no plan. We have feeders further out in the wooded area and I just hope they stay out there! And yes, my finger was sore...turned out to be too sore to continue cutting. That's why I am inside reading blogs. ;)

  4. The bird houses are very cute - great idea to put them on the deck. Mine are so far away I can't see the action! Great idea with the hens and chicks too.

  5. Hi Zoey, It's been a long time...Do you remember the song "Work your fingers to the bone and all ya get is boney fingers?

    Things are starting to look good at your place.

    Now if I can get blogger to take my comment.

  6. Kris, I have the same problem with my bird feeders. I just told DH today that we should move them closer so I can enjoy the birds.

    Pat! I've been thinking about you. I don't remember that song, but that's about what I usually get! LOL. Nice to hear from you.

  7. I love those chair birdhouses. Very clever, and the paint really brought them out! There's lots of hanky-panky going on in my yard (the birds, not me)and I'm seeing a lot of nest building. Mostly the house wrens who have built who knows how many, and will pick just ONE!

  8. Zoey,
    I would have run the weedwacker over the tops of them! Forget the scizzors!


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