Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Ever Have One of Those Days

When you just couldn't find anything to wear?

Nothing I put on this morning felt right. I would put it on, take it off and toss it in the pile.

Even the shoes.

These little pointed toe shoes used to be very comfortable. I didn't wear them much because I thought the heel was too low. When I put them on today, they were tight and not comfy at all. (proof that when y0u gain weight, even your feet get fatter). I decided I could not get through an entire day with them ever again. I tossed them into the garbage.

I hate mornings like this.

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  1. Yup, I still have a pile of clothes on the spare bed that I put on then changed my mind while I was packing to leave last Friday! lol As for shoes, I went through them a couple of months ago and threw out a whole bunch...I need new shoes for the summer!! xox

  2. I have mornings like this alot!! I won't have worry soon we are going to a dress code so everyone will look the same bad or good day:)

  3. Oh yes, those days! I hate them. (But you obviously wanted to wear something blue!) I've pretty much solved that problem by making sure I have a few pairs of jeans in reserve. That and a white blouse will carry me through any work day. Nobody cares what the cataloger in the back room is wearing!

    It takes guts to throw out shoes you've been fond of. I always think somehow I'll like them again because I did for years. Some logic, huh?

  4. Pea, I need to go thru and toss stuff again, too. Or at least haul the too small stuff to the basement.

    Hi Laurie, Uniforms do have some advantages. It will surely save time getting ready.

    LostRoses, I think I was "blue" because I am getting too fat for everything! I think it would be nice to be in a back room. I am getting tired of working with the public.

  5. I hope that when you did get to work, you had a great day! I hope you aren't getting any snow, but I think you did, and that would make me crabbier than tight shoes. You are not fat!!

  6. You might like this:

    Shhh...it's a secret!

  7. There is a great sense of freedom that comes from throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and saying to heck with the world, I am comfortable!


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