Monday, April 9, 2007

Have You Ever Seen Birds Dig Through Snow Looking for Food?

I was so surprised when I looked out my living room window and saw birds all over the sidewalk using their feet to kick the fluffy snow away to find food.
What a mess they are making!


  1. Yes, our poor birds are doing it, too. Yesterday, I saw about 15 robins under one tree where the ground was bare. Thank goodness, this last batch of snow is going quickly.

    Nice looking tablescape!!!

  2. The robins have finally arrived here this past week and I'm sure they're wondering WHY they've arrived already! lol They were doing the same, trying to get through the snow to get worms...which I'm sure are frozen in the ground! lol

  3. Those are lovely clear bird pictures Zoey. You must have a great zoom lens.I'm feeling sorry for the birds in this miserable weather. All the heavy, wet snow we had this morning is gone now. Gosh it melted quickly! It sure doesn't feel much like spring here...or there, by the looks of it.


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