Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ella's Rooster Tablescape

I should have been outside this afternoon cleaning up some of the gardens, but I was not in the mood afer work, so I did this table instead.

It's full of roosters, hens, eggs and a couple of "The Little Red Hen" books. Remember that story?

Most women seem to relate to it.

I think it would be the perfect table for a homemade chicken pot pie dinner. If one of those hens would cook the pot pies, I would be very happy to help her eat them!

Hey, Willow, You made me literally laugh out loud when I read that the blue blouse was "too zoey" so you had to buy it!! I wish I could see it! Thanks for commenting to you and everyone else who has commented on the post below. Without all of you, there would be no reason to blog. I appreciate each and every one of you.


  1. That table is just too cute, and I agree that a homemade chicken pot pie would be the perfect finishing touch!

  2. We had chicken pot pie Sunday, but not on dishes and a table that looked that cute!!

  3. Your tablescape looks spectacular, Zoey, but it seems unfair that after all her hard work and good example the poor hen ends up in the pie!

    Of course not too many guests would appreciate a menu of loaves of bread with a side of bugs.


  4. You have reminded me-I took pics for you at the flower show, I will get them on!!

  5. Annie, That's too funny! I never thought of that. LOL.

    Sissy, I am on my way over to see if you've posted them.

    Hi Lostroses, Will you come over and make the pot pies?

    Susie, Did you make the pies? If so, did you post the recipe? I have not made any of them this winter. I usually like to have them at least one time.

  6. Great photos of your garden. The table looks really nice.


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