Sunday, April 29, 2007

Worked My Fingers to the Bone

Well, O.K. not exactly to the bone, but I did remove a few layers of skin from all that scissoring.

Today I will have to bandage it up and head back out because I really must get the rest of the dead foliage cut down. If I put a nice thick layer of bandaid, I should be able to scissor a bit more without it hurting.

The loss of a little skin shall not stop me from completing my weekend goals!


  1. That's the sign of a dedicated gardener! But how in the world do you keep your nails so nice and long? This time of year, I'm lucky to keep them past the end of my fingers despite using gloves.

  2. Ouch! I've just caught up with all your posts and now I see why you've got that blister!! I've seen my finger get like that too from working too long with the scissors! lol I just love your bird nests!! We're having a gorgeous day today, the warmest it's been all year so far and I've just come in from taking out my front deck furniture (table & chairs). The back patio stuff will come out soon too! xox

  3. Giddy, I go every two weeks and have a layer of acrylic put on top. They do get a lot of abuse in the summer.

    Pea, I brought some of mine out this weekend, too. I am going out there now to sit and RELAX!

  4. I use my hand held rechargeable trimmers to cut things down. No blisters but I did cut my finger pretty bad a couple times. Now I wear gloves! I even used the hedge trimmer this year to cut down some tall ornamental grass.

  5. Yikes! Hope your finger feels better. I get so into raking and stuff, I forget about the blisters that start to form on my thumbs.
    Everything is shaping up over there! Here it is slowly but surely. At least the grass is really green and the pond is looking fine.

  6. Zoey, throw away those scissors and get some shears. Your poor fingers!


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