Friday, November 30, 2007

It's Beginning to Smell Like Christmas

I took a vacation day from work today so I had the entire day to make live greenery arrangements.
As soon as it was light outside I took my pruners and went out to cut greens.

I thought I had plenty with these two pails full, but I ended up going out twice more to get refills. That red plastic container in the big basket is a Folgers coffee container. It works well to hold the water and floral foam.
All of the arrangements I made are very simple--just greenery and an accessory or two--like this mini quilt. Is that a little foot I see on the left side?

Oh, my goodness, there's a little elf hiding in that arrangement!

In addition to this kitchen arrangement, I made some to fill the entertainment center shelves.
As you can see, the shelves are no longer bare!
Here are close ups of each one:
This one has a gold glass tree top in the center.

This one has Santa.

This is my favorite. It has a gold star and I put it in a sleigh that my friend at work made for me. The branches with berries are from my burning bush shrub.

This one just has a gold reindeer.

Like I said they are all very simple to make.

Every time I came from the garage to inside the house, I could smell the evergreen. I like that.

Here is my little snowman quilt that I bring out every winter.

For those who are quilters, the snowman is actually made from tiny little log cabin blocks. It's from a Crystal Carter book.


  1. Mmm, I can almost smell that greenery...I love the smell of evergreen in the house..
    I need to find a friend who has an abundance of evergreen trees. In the store you pay a lot for a few branches.
    Ok Zoey your house must be like "Christmas wonderland" by now!
    Will we see more recipes?

  2. LOVE the varigated green and blue greenery together!
    I need to get some in my artifical tree home.

  3. To me Christmas is the scent and sight of greenery. I too, love to smell it when I walk through the front door. Your arrangements looks very pretty. Do you have Blue Spruce too? I like the orange smell of that. When I made ornaments last year for some pals, I crushed some Blue Spruce and put it inside with the stuffing so they could smell it. It's nice to watch you and Carole decorate as I can't just yet.

  4. I was going to say, it must smell fabulous when you walk in the house...I so love the smell of fresh greenery like that! I want to cut some small branches off my pine tree and make a similar arrangement...thank you for the idea:-) xox


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