Sunday, November 25, 2007

I Have a Real Bird's Nest in My Christmas Tree

This is a nest that a Robin abandoned years ago. There were three eggs left in it. Over the years two have broken, but I still have this one beautiful blue egg. I like to add this nest to my Christmas tree.

According to Bronners (a huge Christmas store in Frankenmuth, MI),

A bird nest is a symbol of the home. It reminds us that we strive to make our home a place where family members grow and prosper. Considered a good luck symbol, the bird nest represents all the love and warmth, enthusiasm and commitment required in creating the happiest of homes.

Tradition says that adding the nest to your tree will bring you good luck and good fortune during the coming year. Isn't that a wonderful tradition? Of course, it was never my family's tradition, but who cares? Since I've done it a few times, I guess I can now call it my own new tradition. :)

I am still decorating.

Janet asked me how many trees I will put up. Well, it looks like 9 is the magic number this year. Six of those are just small 2-footers, so it's not as crazy as it sounds. I've been working 4.5 hours this morning and I still have a ways to go, so I guess my coffee break is over!

I wanted to make a small post to let you all know where I've been.

This little elf must now get back to work!


  1. Wow...energetic Zoey! I have 2 trees and thought that was plenty.
    Your house must just sparkle with all the trees decorated! Will you show us more pics?

  2. Since I was an infant, my parent's Christmas tree has been topped with a real bird's nest and a paper dove made by my Dad. It started out as a matter of economy and became a matter of tradition.

  3. Cara, Now that is a true tradition. It's so sweet that your Dad made a paper dove. I love to hear things like that.

  4. Latching on to other traditions is fun, Zoey! The nest reminded me of the original Christmas movie of the Waltons - same kids, different actors for the parents. Now I want a nest on my tree like the Waltons.

    My mom, sisters and I went to the Bronner's Christmas store in Frankenmuth one July day. It was fun, but that place is the size of a football field.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  5. Zoey-
    I have 6 trees up so far! Thought I was the crazy one! I also work at a retail nursery and sell perennials..
    Barb from Ohio


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