Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stay at Home Socks

I am fascinated by the things people search for and find this blog.

Lately "Stay at Home Socks" has been a hot search item. Of my last 500 searches there were five different people who landed here after googling the term, so I thought I'd cater to the masses (ha,ha, like five is a mass).

I don't really remember what I posted about these socks, so I googled it myself to find out.

Hey, look at that--out of nearly 2 million sites, I come up number 2. I guess that makes me some sort of sock authority! :)

My post was disappointing as I didn't say much about them at all. I now remember that I had just purchased a few pairs. I can't even remember where. I only remember that the label called them "Stay at Home" socks.

So let me now give a little Stay at Home sock critique.

I happen to love these socks. They are very lightweight, yet they feel so cozy, so warm, so fluffy. They are meant to be worn at home while you relax.

They give the same feeling as coming in from ice skating on a frosty evening and settling down to a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

I am not a slipper wearer, nor do I like to be barefoot. Even in the summer, I most often wear socks in the house. During the cold weather seasons, I most often pick a pair of the Stay at Homes.

So if you five people are wondering if you should buy a pair---GO FOR IT!


  1. Stay at home socks-what a blast! Ha! I never ever would refer to my socks as these. I will say, and I believe I mentioned it here before, but I found all wool 'stay at home' socks once and loved them! I only wear heavier socks in the wintertime and go mostly barefoot any other time.

  2. that is to funny!
    It is amazing to me the things people google. All I will say is- don't ever post on thongs (even if you mean flip-flops!)
    Glad to know the sock expert!!

  3. Well hello sock expert...the things you learn on the net whether it be reading blogs or googling..I found you when I was looking for perennial info and have been a regular ever since...
    I may have to purchase a pair of those stay at home socks just to be in the "in crowd"...lol

  4. It's interesting to see what search terms people use!
    Those socks look comfy and cozy. I'm also a sock person, more so now than when I was a young and a barefoot kind of gal!!

  5. Who knew!!
    That is so interesting...
    But hey, now everyone will know even more from the "sock expert"! Your socks rock!

  6. Hah! That's funny. I once blogged about a song I found on a CD I picked up on a whim, and it turned out to be a really popular dance tune that was only played in clubs. I got all these search hits, and people were even emailing me asking about the CD. I ended up modifying the post with the name of the CD and where I bought it.

  7. I'm with you...I like wearing socks in cold weather, but not shoes or slippers. My current faves are a blend of wool and angora, very thick ones I bought on Ebay. Will have to look for your 'Stay at Home' socks.

  8. "They give the same feeling as coming in from ice skating on a frosty evening and settling down to a steaming cup of hot chocolate."

    I love that description!!! I'm a barefoot gal in the summer, but I wear socks in the winter - these look really comfy and warm.

  9. Oh, I must have a pair of those 'Stay at Home Socks'! Hilarious what people search for..fancy you being the second search item. Very important you are Zoey girl!
    Happy third birthday to your blog!!! And many happy returns :)
    I like your blooms!
    Ho ho ho...I heard about that too...silly, really silly. Only in Australia! Well, it would probably happen here too...we certainly have our fair share of that sort of stupid 'don't want to offend' stuff.


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