Thursday, November 1, 2007

So Many Patterns

so little time.

I keep buying tote bag patterns. These are only the last batch I bought a couple of months ago. I probably have at least five others.

I have yet to make one.

Yet everytime I see a slightly different style pattern, I buy it (only when they are having the who-could-possibly-refuse .99 cent pattern sales).

Maybe this winter I will actually make one. I plan to use quilt blocks, but I buy the patterns for the basic shape and the handle positions.

My Coldwater Creek orders have been arriving (I didn't tell you, but I placed two more orders after the one I posted about).

I opened the first package and found a vest that I had not ordered. The packing slip said my orange jacket with the cute waist detail was supposed to be there.

I called them. Guess what?

No orange jackets left. I think they should have offerred to let me the keep the ugly vest they sent by mistake since they botched my order and now can't fill it! Of course, they made no such offer. They shipped two orders on that day and I have only received one of them. Today I received an order they shipped two days later than the first two. I am wondering what happened to order #2 with 5 items on it!

I am not feeling any warm fuzzies toward CC right now.

Dianne, did you get the red sleeveless top yet? That is one of the items on my missing order.

I see my poll just disappeared today. I guess that's what happens when the time expires. I didn't even see the final results because I've been too darn busy to check my blog today.


  1. I have lots of neat vintage fabric and I keep thinking how cool it would be to make into totes. Let me know if you settle on a favorite pattern!

  2. Hey Zoey,
    Yes, I did get the tank top and it's pretty and a roomy size Large which I was glad about. It's prettier in person. The pants are cropped ones. I knew this, but sometimes they are normal length for my height. I may have to hem them up a bit. I guess CC got stampeded when they offered the 60% off sale the next day.
    Hey, those totes would make excellent gifts for your mom and sisters. (Opps-hope they aren't reading this).

  3. I love totes but don't sew so I look at the ready made ones and never find one that is just right for me! Maybe someday I'll try sewing're probably thinking how easy it is but for me who is "sewing machine challenged" it would be quite a feat to attempt that.
    Oh Zoey, too bad about the mix up and the orange jacket not being available, it was so pretty!

  4. Zoey, I've had that happen with CC too and I also felt they should offer to make us happier when they disappoint us, but no such luck.

    I'm sure you'll get around to making a tote one of these days!

  5. I can see the appeal of the 99 cent patterns, I have picked up a few under similar circumstances. ONe of my daughters used to make her own purses and bags. I never knew what she would come up with. The quilt block idea is great!
    HOpe things get straightened out with your order. that is frustrating.

  6. Hope CC comes through - I usually shop at their store here so I've never ordered through the catalog - but I don't get 60 percent off either! It will be fun to see your tote when you do it.

  7. My next knitting project is going to be a big felted tote. I love some of the quilted ones I've seen


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