Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Birthday PP!

Too bad I have no time to celebrate. :(

I have to get ready for work. I am taking an online educational course for three hours today, tomorrow, and Thursday. That means I will be way behind on everything else.

I made the peanut butter cupcakes with Reeses for frosting.

They are quite tasty, but the cake portion seems too light and they fall apart easily. A lot of the edges fell off when removing from the pan even though I let them cool thoroughly and sprayed the pan tops. I found a recipe that someone had "tweaked" and it used 3 teaspoons of baking powder. I think that may have been a tad too much.
Oh, well, they look kind of pretty -- at least while they were baking. :)

Happy Birthday to my alter ego.


  1. Happy # 3! love the new header!

  2. Happy Birthday on 3 years of blogging, Zoey!
    Is this the same recipe for these cupcakes that you posted awhile back? The one that I tried and the cake covered the Reeces cups??
    Enjoy your day:)

  3. Congratulations on 3 years! Time flies when you're having fun and your blog is one of my favorites.

  4. Three years is great! Wow, that's an accomplishment. Thanks for all your good ideas in just about everything!

  5. Three years is a real accomplishment.
    Yours may be the longest running blog that I read and you always keep it nice and fresh with new ideas.
    Keep on blogging!!

  6. Happy Birthday to your blog! I am still in my first year so it is all pretty new to me, but I have really appreciated making so many new friends!

  7. Congrats on 3 years blogging! Keep up the good work! Love your new header!

  8. Muum, Thank you. Whenever I get bored, I change the header. :)

    Betty, sort of...LOL. I think it was that recipe, except she changed a few things--like more baking powder. Personally, I think the extra baking powder made them too light. I used full size p. butter cups because I remembered you saying that yours sunk in. Did you use the miniatures?

    Giddy, thank you so much. Yes, time certainly is going by faster and faster, isn't it?

    Dianne, thank you. You were one of my first blogging buds! I think I was searching for craft blogs and found yours.

    Susie, thank you. It's getting really hard to keep it fresh! I am in a bit of a blog funk lately.

    Connie, before you know it, you will be celebrating three years, too!

    Jean, thank you. That header will be changing soon because before we know it, it will only be five months until planting time! :)

  9. Congratulations!!!

    Love your new banner. The cupcakes look so yummy.

  10. Debbi, thank you. It looks like we were posting at the same time.

  11. Yes Zoey I used the minature cups...therein lies the difference...maybe??

  12. You were one of my first blogging pals too.
    The cupcakes look interesting, maybe too fluffy. Aren't they the mini pb cups? If I recall from the Taste of Home recipe the cake part looked denser.

  13. Yes, Betty, I think that made the difference. Dianne, the recipe does say use the miniatures, but since Betty made them and the minis fell into the center, I decided to try the larger ones. They stayed nicely on top.

    I think a nice rich brownie-like chocolate cupcake might work better.

  14. Zoey~
    You're cupcakes look yummy!
    And congrats on your 3 year blog birthday!!
    You were the first blog I ever visited.I was looking for perennials and you photos were beautiful.So I kept coming back!

  15. Happy blogiversary, Zoey! You're certainly one of my favorites!
    P.S. Pass the cupcakes.

  16. The blog world needs you, Zoey - we enjoy your bouyant personality, your willingness to share information both for outdoor gardening and indoor decor and sewing. And you're funny ;-]

    Congratulations on your third blogiversary!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  17. Zoey - happy blog birthday - wow, 3 years!! You were one of the first blogs I started commenting on - I love coming here. I hope you keep blogging for a long time. I think all of your interests and just the way you write keeps it fresh and fun.


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