Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Catered Murder & A Lot of Snow

I found another culinary mystery writer.

I am in the mood for a good read, so I hope I get hooked on this author.

We are all prepared for the big snow storm that is supposed to come tonight (up to 10 inches of snow). If we get snowed in, it won't be any problem because there is no reason for us to leave the house tomorrow. We went grocery shopping this morning so the refrigerator is all stocked, I have a new novel to read, quilts to keep warm, and candles to light if the electricity goes out. Bring on the white stuff!

I was in the mood for comfort food today. I decided that chicken pot pie would fit the bill. I made a big mess of the kitchen chopping veggies, parboiling veggies, sauteing onions and celery and making a white sauce. I did not use a recipe and I ended up with a huge pot of filling. I am not fond of the bottom crust on pot pies, so I eliminated it. I used puff pastry for the top. That was a real time saver. But even with not having to make a crust it was a lot of work. How did our grandmothers ever cook for large families? They must have been cooking continuously.

I like to make individual pot pies, so I sprayed 4 large ramekins, put the filling in and topped it with a square (didn't bother to cut a circle) of puff pastry. I cut a star in the middle to let the steam escape and gave each pie a quick egg wash.

The pies turned out wonderful. I'd have to say they were the best pot pies I have ever made. It's not something I make very often.

I had enough filling to make two more large pies that I topped with the puff pastry, but did not bake. I froze them. So I ended up about 4 meals from all my work effort--not bad at all.

Now I think it's time to get all cozy on the sofa and read while the white lights twinkle and the snowflakes float not-so-gently down.


  1. Okay I'm on my way to have "me some pot pie"!! Delish or what!
    We were supposed to get a snowstorm too but it got downgraded to about 2 cm of snow. Plan to snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie..with the tree lights twinkling! That's kind of romantic, right??

  2. Yum for me, not for Bri! His mom made chicken pot pie about twice a month. He doesn't like cooked celery. Poor kid-why didn't his mom leave it out then? I would so have loved to have some of yours, my dinners these last few nights have been sad because I wasn't up to cooking.
    We are suppose to get a little snow too-maybe 1-2".
    Keep warm and enjoy your book and decorations.


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