Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Trees for the Flower Lover

I did two more trees today.
This sunflower tree is one of my all-time favorites. You will probably have to click on it to get a good view.

It has 35 sunflower clusters of 2-3 flowers on each. It also has red apples, yellow pears, some fruit cluster picks, plaid ribbon, burlap pulled through the branches as well as used for a tree skirt, and crocheted twine for garland. There are red/gold icicles hanging from the tips of many branches. The lights are all white and there are 800 of them on this 7.5 ft. tree.

My Mom just bought a red sofa. I bet this tree would look great in her living room. If my home could take these colors, it would be in mine for sure!

This tree is mostly hydrangeas and liatris. I am not sure if you can see the liatris. Maybe if you click on it. (I hope it looks a bit better if you enlarge it because I don't think it looks very good in this pic!)

It has oversized gold balls, silver apples, gold ribbon swirled throughout the tree, some dangly beads, and some burgundy swirly icicle things.

Have you noticed that I always use ribbon on my trees? And a LOT of it, too. In my humble opinion, it's the ribbon that makes or breaks the tree. It adds color, sparkle, pattern (plaid ribbon in the sunflower tree), covers holes, softens, adds dimension, texture.............I just can't say enough good things about ribbon.

I use some unusual ribbon.

Just look at this pink holey ribbon that I have on my angel tree.

I bought this about 15 years ago. It's a great one for hiding holes (because it's so wide) and adding sparkle.


  1. Oh, I'm almost in tears! First, these are great - I LOVE them! I'm in tears because I had a floral tree several years ago - dark wine-colored roses and dusty pink snowballs - with white lights and honeysuckle vine, pinecones, dark red berries, and ribbons added in. I loved that tree. When the florals started looking tattered, I moved on to other decorations - but every year I have to mourn a little for my floral tree.

    Okay, I'm done - thank you so much for showing yours. I like the sunflower - very bright and cheery - but my favorite is the hydrangea and liatris. Really pretty. And I totally agree with you - ribbons can make any tree look better.

  2. I'm with favorite tree is the one with the hydrangea and is so gorgeous!!
    I love all the ribbons too.
    Do you have a storage bin for each tree's decorations?..I'm thinking you must have a big storage
    How many trees is that now that you have decorated? (I guess I could check back)

  3. Kris, your rose tree sounded lovely. I am glad my trees gave you a moment to remember yours!

    Yes, I have one of those big clear bins for each tree. It is so much easier having it all in one bin. Each tree took just 45 minutes to decorate (the lights were put on prior to my decorating).

    I do believe the hydrangea tree was number 11. And I think I am now finished with trees--unless I decide to do a 2ft one for my bathroom. I might want it just for the night of my Christmas party.

  4. Wow-so pretty and one-of-a-kind. Like I said in the past, they are lucky to have such a talented designer in you at work.
    I'm thinking about my decorating my front window-soon-of course not in the next few days. I'm doing the snowbabies again. : )

  5. Zoey, you leave me breathless at your decorating skills...all the trees you decorate are so beautiful and well presented. I adore the sunflower tree, that is truly amazing!! Those pasta angels are so darling...I enlarged the pictures to see the details, what a brilliant idea to use a thumbtack as a little candle and all the various pasta to make the angel. Love what you did with that quilt...looks perfect on your wall:-) xox


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