Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Scrap Piles are a Lot like Housework

It seems no matter how much work you do to clean up, there is always more to do!

This pile is all the tiny pieces left over from the past two months of making the 'Roses are Red, Borders are Blue' quilt. Yes, I finally gave it a name. :)

It's from this pile that the inspiration ignited on Sunday for the purple stars table runner.

I get such a kick out of making something useful from teeny tiny pieces of fabric that most people would throw in the garbage can.

I spent all of last night sitting in front of the sewing machine piecing blocks and watching some show about housewives in Orange County on the BRAVO channel. I guess it's been on a few years, but I've never heard of it. It was sad and interesting at the same time. I kept shaking my head over the values these parents were instilling in their children. Some of these kids had no idea about real life. One of the teens thought it perfectly acceptable to just up and quit his job because he wanted to go to the beach house for the weekend and he couldn't get the days off. One of the teen girls wanted new clothes for school and she took the credit card and went out and spent $2500 in one store. It's a different world out there today.

Anyway I made a bunch more stars. Isn't it neat how the corners form purple squares when you put them together? I really love the design to form a secondary pattern.

I guess you can't really see the centers here (maybe if you click on it), but I tried a number of different center squares. Some of them have over 20 pieces just in the 3-inch center. I don't think I will ever again use just a plain square of fabric for a star center. It's too much fun making these!

Well, no more time to blog. I must had out in the strong winds and rain to get to work. Too bad I'm not in orange county. I would feel no sense of responsibility toward my job and I could just call in sick .


  1. Your quilt top and runner are beautiful. Love the colors!
    Don't you just love the aromas in the house when you bake apple pies? I had the apple butter in the crock pot overnight and the spice aromas are still lingering. Who needs Febreeze?
    I feel your pain about having to rip out stitches you've worked so hard on. I just looked at a sock I'm knitting and realize I made a mistake about 1 inch back. Sigh, it's a solid color sock so the mistake will stand out if I don't go back.

  2. Lovely as always Zoey!
    Hey, what is the name of your sewing machine... I can't make out what it is from the pic.

  3. Giddy,
    Thank you. Yes, I love the smell of apples in the fall. I can only imagine how nice your home smelled after slow cooking all night.

    As much as it hurts, I always try to rip out and fix the mistake. Most often you will regret it when it's finished if you don't.

    Are you getting snow tonight? I think we will be getting our first snowfall later this evening.


    My machine is a very old Brother. When I bought it thirty years ago it did some cute embroidery stitches, like cats, dogs, hearts, etc. Now it only sews a straight stitch. A straight stitch is all I use anyway, so I am in no hurry to replace it.

  4. Great looking quilt and runner. I love how you use up all those scraps and make something nice out of them..that is such a good comparison to our lives!

  5. lovely table runner, I admire your talent

  6. Great job! But you know, your scraps only get smaller and smaller. At some point they get so small that they have to be tossed in the garbage. I still can not toss my small scraps so they go in the dog beds.

  7. Hello dear Zoey:-) I'm back from my trip and now playing catch up with everyone. I feel like I've been gone a month instead of just a few days! lol I've enjoyed reading your posts I had missed...I so love the quilt you're working on now!! I'm amazed at the small scraps of material you used to make the centers of each square! You are very talented my friend:-) xox

  8. Love the purple color! I've seen that show once. I thought it portrayed CA in a very bad light. We're not all like the people they picked for that show (thank goodness!)

  9. Zoey, as usual, I'm amazed by your industriousness. Very cool results! That Real Housewives show leaves me speechless. I'm sure there are some people who live like that, but oh my gosh! Don't you think when they see themselves on the show they might think something is wrong here? Probably not.

  10. I love your quilt - absolutely beautiful - and I like the name you picked out for it too! This table runner is very pretty - I really like the purple.

    Is the new photo header current? Have you had snow like that already? We finally had a couple mornings with 20 degree temps this week. Guess we're going to have winter after all. LOL.


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