Tuesday, November 27, 2007

See the QVC Quilt, See the UGLY Oil Painting

Now see the quilt stapled on top of the ugly oil painting!

Sunday I spread out the quilt, looked it over and said, "Should I or shouldn't I?" Then I took the scissors and hacked it into unmeasured chunks. I needed something for this wall to blend in with the pink Christmas theme. I was going to make a wreath, but while hacking away I thought of framing a part of the quilt. When I went to the basement, I could not find the frame, but I saw this hideous oil painting...the rest is, as they say, history. LOL. It's not too beautiful, but I think it will stay through the holidays. This table holds my entire houseplant collection--two cacti and one Snake plant. I am not into indoor gardening. I guess I get enough of it all spring and summer.

I also needed something to toss over the sofa so it won't fade in front of the window. I have a loveseat in this room and I put a hunk over top of it, too.

I put a piece around the big planter holding the snake plant, and I used a piece for a tree skirt. There is even a piece or two in the sled. All in all I got a lot of mileage out of the quilt. It was actually in pretty good condition and I am sure at some point I will regret cutting it up.

As soon as I typed that last sentence, I remembered that I used this quilt as a table covering for Valentine's day. I really liked it and it fit perfectly on my large table. Oh, poo! I am already regretting it. I guess now I will be forced to come up with a different idea for Valentines Day.

It's not like I'm short on table coverings, so I am not going to fret another second over it!

I was planning to do the trees at work today. I just couldn't bring myself to do them. Part of the reason was that I was wearing a jacket that might get snagged from sticking my arm into the trees. I simply must show you the match with my jacket and my nails.
It couldn't have matched better if I had planned it!

I guess tomorrow I will have to do two trees at work. That's all I am doing this year because I think I have done enough trees for one year!


  1. Zoey~ (is that your real name?)

    Anyway,everything looks beautiful and festive!! Maybe you can use the piece that you put on your sofa, over another tablecloth for Valentine's day?

  2. Hi Suzy,
    No, it's not my real name.

    Way back in the beginning of the internet, I used to chat on a quilt site where everyone had their chat name. I used "Zo" because it was short and easy to type. As time went on, "Zo" became a popular handle and everytime I tried to use it, it was taken. So I had to change to Zoey. It stuck and I have used it on the net ever since. That is the first time I have told this little story!

    Good idea to use just one of the small sections over another one. I will have to remember that! Thank you.

  3. I don't think I could have cut up a quilt...but then I only have a few.
    Very good match on the jacket and the nails..I was thinking you had planned it.

  4. I am so going to steal your quilt idea!
    I just found two newly made quilt tops at Savers... and why not wrap each of them around an old frame or print! Thanks Zoey!

  5. Very creative use of the quilt, and used for so many projects. You definitely got your money's worth.

    Nice nails, and guess what? My real name's not Giddy, either! (There's a surprise), although I do somewhat resemble my namesake gnome.

  6. Betty, Even I find it hard to do and I have gazillions of them. .. well, maybe not gazillions.......

    Linda, Go for it and be sure to post a picture!

    Giddy, I will always know you as "Giddy", just like "Pea"--I know her name is Carole, but I still think "Pea" when I think of her. Kris said the same thing to me recently...she knows my name, but I am still "Zoey" to her.


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