Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sugar cookie murder

This was my first Joanna Fluke mystery.

What a disappointment it was.

For the past month, I have been trying to finish this short book.

I didn’t realize that the story is only half of the novel; the other half is a book of all the recipes mentioned in the story.

I was reading along today and wondering why I was only halfway through and the lame murder was already solved. I was mentally debating whether I should finish reading the dull book when I realized it was done. Only the recipe book remained.

I was thrilled that I did not have to read any more of it.

Maybe the other books in the series are better, but I doubt if I will read any more to find out.

It's too bad because I was really looking forward to getting hooked on another culinary murder series.

Does anybody have their Christmas tree(s) up yet? I went out today and bought a new 9ft tall skinny tree. It's one of those prelit ones, which is so nice. It also had only three sections to put together rather than all those individual limbs my old one has. I have not decorated it yet, but it's standing tall and somewhat lanky in my family room. I will need a ladder to decorate the top 4 feet of it. I was just looking through last year's pics to see what new decorations I bought. I think this tree will be all gold, bronze, white and sparkly.

I am planning on pink/gold/white for the dining room and living room this year. I have a cheap pink quilt that I bought years ago from QVC (I hear a gasp. I know that no quilter worth their weight in fabric should ever purchase one of those poor quality rags--I had a weak moment). I am now planning to cut it up to make a tree skirt.

I also have to do the trees at work, but I may wait until next week since I don't have any early Christmas parties this year.

It's hard to believe that it's already that time of the year!


  1. We are getting our decorations out at Thanksgiving, when the son and sons-in-law are here to help get it out! Your plans sound great.

  2. I had my thanksgiving today so the tree should come out any time now :)

    my theme is red white and blue birds....cardinals, blue jays and doves :)

  3. It seems like there are a lot of those mystery novels with recipes, cross stitch patterns, etc out there now-copycats and not all good! I haven't read a book since last winter. That's so unlike me! One of my favorite authors is Nicholas Sparks and the book was his and was so wordy I felt like getting a pen and scribbling through half of the text! I never finished that or 'Wicked' the story about the Wicked witch of the West from Oz. That was really weird. I have about 50 novels in a big basket, so I can read whenever I get the itch again-hope it's soon!
    No Christmas decorations yet-I am making a perpetual Xmas calendar, so that's 31 squares.

  4. Yup my Christmas tree is up and decorated as well! Mine is decorated in deep reds with white lights.
    The tree downstairs isn't up yet, that one will have the old fashioned multi colored bulbs and no theme.
    I love tall skinny trees...

  5. Dearest Zoey and all you other decorating enthusiasts; I love reading about your ideas and seeing the finished products on your blogs. However, Giddy the Grinch never had an original decorating thought and will, as usual, pull out her dear Mother's ceramic Christmas tree, plug it in and voila! Decorating for the season will be done. I forgot though, I did buy a door wreath (on sale, of course) at the end of last season, so the front door will at least look inviting.

  6. Just before visiting your blog, I put up my Christmas wreaths in the doors...that's the only Christmas decorating so far! lol I think I'll put up my tree next weekend if all goes well. What a shame that book was such a dud...makes you wonder why it was even published in the first place! lol Can't wait to see your trees all decorated, I remember last year how fabulous they all looked!! xox

  7. Muum, It's nice to have willing helpers this time of the year!

    Nickie, your bird tree sounds great. I hope you poat some pics.

    Dianne, I go for long periods of time without reading, too. The only time I really have to read is on weekend trips in the car. When the winter weather is bad, I may have a little time on the weekends. I really miss it when I haven't read a novel in a long time.

    Betty, You've been a busy decorator, haven't you? I love red and white at Christmas. Unfortunately it clashes with my color scheme. My Mom just bought a red sofa. I bet it will look great with the Christmas tree.

    Giddy, We will all be wishing we decorated like you did when it comes time to take it all down! I've put in for a week's vacation after Christmas just to get it all done.

    Pea, we will probably be decorating at the same time. I am planning to spend the whole weekend decorating.

  8. Hi Zoey, great minds think alike. I went out and bought a 7 foot tall skinny tree. I'm sick of moving all the furniture around for that big fat tree I've had for years. I don't have it up yet but I probably will over the weekend.

    I did the outside lights last weekend while the temperature was still nice. It's freezing cold here waiting for snow to fall tonight.


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