Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday Treasure

Anybody know what this little treasure is?

I bought him Saturday at a garage sale. He was my only purchase. I paid 50 cents.

What do you think it is?


  1. Could he be a pie bird (to vent pies?_
    Other than that I have no clue!

  2. oh - pie bird is a good guess. I was thinking maybe he was a shaker of some kind - maybe even oil, vinegar or soy sauce?? or is he part of a set - salt and pepper? wedding cake topper? nope, no clue!!

  3. I think shaker something too!

  4. Oh, good guess, Susie, but not a pie bird.

    Kris and Dianne,
    Shaker something is on the right track..........but what would be shaken out of him? None of the things you mentioned are what the happy little housewife of long ago would have shaken from him....

  5. sugar and cinnamon shaker

    I love the blog - I see that MI is a lot further behind in the plant cycle than southern OH

    your pictures are great and I love the artwork DH does with the power washer! Seems I have some of his art in my own life!

  6. Welcome Fibers,
    I am so glad you enjoy the blog! Yes, northern MI is way behind just about every other state!

    I wonder if DH might have a second career of signed garden artworks? LOL.

    Nope. Not a cinnamon/sugar shaker.

  7. Zoey,
    We need more info. Is there a hole in the bottom for filling and some kind of stopper? Are there small pouring holes (as in a salt/pepper shaker)on the top? Looks like something straight out of the 50's.

  8. My grandmom use to have a water shaker when she did her ironing and some Asian people are known for their laundry service. Is that it?

  9. Hi Lucia, Sorry about not giving enough info. It is hard to see the holes on the top and the top comes off. I think it is from about the 50's, but I am not sure.


    You got it!

    It's used to shake water on laundry before you iron it. I had seen these in some antique magazine and always had them in the back of mind. I was shocked to actually find one! And for only 50 cents. I found a few on the net with an asking price of $75 - $95.00!!
    I am going to fill mine with water and try it on some laundry. Not that I iron much these days...once in a while I have to iron a shirt for work.

    Thanks for playing along everyone. You were all close.

  10. See, it is related to ironing and I am allergic to ironing! But now that you mention what it is I remember them from my youth!

  11. Yippee! If I remember correctly, my grandmom used like a coke bottle type one with holes punched in the top. of the metal lid.
    You got a great buy Zoey!

  12. Looks like half of a novelty salt and pepper shaker set. Now it's whatever you want it to be! (paprika shaker?)

  13. Very cool - with a little aid like that I might even enjoy ironing a shirt or two! My Grandma had a pop bottle of some kind too with a sprinkler head on it - I used to love to watch her iron!

  14. Looks like it might be a water sprinkler that you use when ironing. My Mother always had a soda bottle too. I now use a small spray bottle. Used to be able to buy a bag like the size of a pillowcase that you would roll your clothes to be iron up, pour about a cup of water in one side of the pillowcase, zip it up and put your clothes in the freezer and it spead the water evernly over the rolled up garments and putting them in the freezer make them easier to iron. Think I ordered it from some of thse catalogs but haven't seen them in ages.


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