Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tango Lily Fuzz

Thanks to a comment by Priscilla that directed me to a forum where they were talking about the "white stuff" on their Tango lilies (thanks, Priscilla), I now believe this is normal. Every one of my new Tangos have it, so I am not worried. The plants seem healthy. . . can't wait to see the flower!

Last night I went behind the rockwall and cut down more Sweet William for my vase.

I toss shovels full of it back there when I am weeding. Sometimes it looks nicer behind the wall than in the actual garden area in front of it! I have certainly received my money's worth from the 4 packets of Sweet William seed I planted about 20 years ago. I have never had to replant since. I made sure to leave some to set seed. Sweet William is a bienniel, but once established it just keeps reseeding, so it always comes back.

Here are a couple of container comparisons one month apart:

Canna container on May 23: I dug up an astilbe and stuck in in front (a few blue forget-me-nots came with it). June 23: The astilbe is in bloom. What has really impressed me is the size of that dahlia in the back. It's almost ready to bloom. I have never had dahlias bloom this early. If I remember correctly, this one did not bloom last year at all. It must have saved it all for this season.

Here is my sad sled planter after the cold spell in early June. I thought perhaps I had lost the Persian Shield in the middle.
It lost nearly every leaf.
But now it's coming back nicely.

Those two 'Century Red' celosia are really bugging me in this photograph. I need a third one. More blooms should be coming soon and then I will like it much better.


  1. Your container look very nice. It is amazing how well they look in just one month with all the cool weather we had.

  2. Laurie, They really didn't start growing until about two weeks ago. I should not even plant them until the first week of June. I say that every year and every year I plant them in May anyway!

  3. Your containers are gorgeous!!! I love them.


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