Friday, June 8, 2007

I Shopped 'Till I Dropped

Which took precisely 35 minutes.

I had on my black boots with the 3-inch heels that I had been wearing all day. They are comfy only to a point and after 9 hours wear, the point had passed.

So I made a very quick stroll through JC Penney.

It was Jackpot! Day at JC’s.

I found three pantsuits, three shirts, and 2 pairs of shoes—ALL on sale. Of course everything is always on sale there, but nonetheless the prices were good.

Thursday I wore this blue ensemble – almost a cobalt blue.

Please forgive the missing head. It was there, but after I uploaded it and saw it here---UGH. It was just too bad to post, so I cropped it off! LOL I wish I could just crop off my head every time I have a bad hair day.

The pantsuit has cute details. Like this on the collar.

I adore the little bit of black lace on the shirt I picked out to coordinate.

And more of the same detail on the front of the jacket.

These black shoes are very ugly. They look like penny loafers in the front. It's not something I would usually buy, but when I slipped my feet into them.......Ahhhhhh....just like walking on a cloud of air even with those high heels. Heels AND comfort....they just had to come home with me.
They look like what I would once have called "old lady" shoes. But now that I am approaching "old ladyhood" they don't look quite as bad. I wore them all day and they still felt good. When you wear them with pants, they look fine, even good because the pant leg covers the whole foot and you only see the blackness. I am very happy with these even if they aren't pretty.

These are much cuter, but not quite as comfortable. They have the same high heel.

Today I wore pantsuit #2, which also had cute details.

Like the collar
And I already owned the perfect matching shirt. What are the odds of that?
The shoes I already owned worked nicely, too. (My pants are not that short. I am pulling them up so you can see the shoes.) If you are a regular reader of this blog, you have already seen these shoes. They are another of my very good buys. They work for so many summer outfits.

The third suit I bought is green.
It's hard to see the shoulder detail on this one unless you enlarge it. But what I am really happy about is the shirt I found to go with this suit.

I guess you have to enlarge this one, too. But gee, I am thrilled to death with the wooden beads on this shirt that just work so well with the wooden beads on the shoulder.

All in all, it was a very good shopping day.


  1. You did so well for only 35 minutes shopping! Love all the cute little details on the jackets!
    I can't wear heels that high anymore. Guess I've officially entered my "mature years"

  2. Gotta love those sales when you pick up all you did and are happy with them all. I especially like the green suit with the wooden beads and top to match.

  3. 35 minutes? You're a wonder shopper, Zoey! And very well-coordinated. I kind of like the black shoes, and remember "old ladies" are always at least 10 years older than we are.


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