Saturday, June 30, 2007

Forgotten Bananas

Last Saturday I bought 4 small bananas.

I threw them on the counter and promptly forgot about them. Don't they look awful?

You are only looking at the skins. I forgot to take a pic before I removed the banana.
Don't they look better now? Especially with the cream cheese/rum frosting.

I doctored up a yellow cake mix to make a banana/artificial-rum-flavored cake.
I used the Irish Creme instead of milk in the frosting. I must say it all combined for a nice little dessert. I baked them in a larger pan so I would have a higher proportion of frosting to cake. I hate getting a 4-inch high piece of cake with 1/8-inch layer of frosting.
I rarely bake anymore (especially on a work night!). For some reason I was full of cooking/baking energy last night.

It must be the colder weather.

Since I am not cooking much, my potatoes look like this:

So I took a couple outside this morning and planted them just to see what would happen.
This is a bare spot in the rockwall garden where I have been using roundup to kill off the goutweed.

A few weeks ago I decided to pull out my one remaining garden chair. I didn't have any annuals left so I just planted some of my perennials in it.

This week my first calla lily bloomed.


  1. They cake looks really good.I love the chair with the perennials.

  2. Yum banana bread with icing!
    As soon as I saw those peels it reminded me of the 'How clean is your house' episode I watched last night. Kim was using the peels (inside part) to show some boys how to polish their shoes! Bananas have a lot of oil and it worked. You buff them after the polishing part.
    Good luck with the tators! ; )

  3. Laurie,
    The cake was good! I am having my mom/dad for dinner tonight,so I hope they like it, too.

    You're kidding? Polish shoes with banana peels? I've never heard of that. It seems like the shoes might smell after a while! LOL. I guess buffing them removes all the smelly banana.

  4. Your banana dessert looks great! And in case you are too tired next time (after a hard working day) to do anything with very old bananas, think of your roses (or any other plant) and spoil them with the peels and the "inside" is a good organic fertilizer!!!Have a nice weekend!

  5. OOOOOHH! I love "How Clean is your House"! Don't you just love Aggie's accent? I cannot imagine for one minute how anyone can let a camera crew into their house when it looks like that!

  6. Your calla is very pretty - I love the purple in the planter with it. The chair is very cool. Cake looks yummy!


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