Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sunday was no Day of Rest for Me!

I worked outside for over 9 hours today and really accomplished a lot of weeding. I have the road area looking pretty decent so I no longer have to cringe with embarrassment when someone drives by.

I usually put one of my birdhouses in this middle area because it needs a focal point. This year I decided to put the birdhouses on the deck, so I stuck a milk can here about a week ago.

The milk can just doesn't do it for me. I think it's too small. As I was walking to the deck to bring the birdhouse back, I saw my old wagon wheel leaning against the house. It's been there for a few years, so I decided that I would try it behind the milk can.

I liked that look. The rusty wheel matches the rusty can and it gives the area some height. I thought I needed a little something in the two beds on either side of the wheel. I moved a couple of pieces of driftwood from the woodland area.

You can't see the one of the left side in this picture, but you can on the pic above. I think they work, so I am now happy with this spot.

I found my big old green frog and stuck him here (you may have to click to see him).
You will just sort of discover him as you walk down the path.

Here's more irises near the birdbath. I have iris all over the place.

Here is the woodland area. I haven't yet done any weeding here. It's my next project. You can see the big wave of dame's rocket behind the small rockwall. DH surprised me today, when he came in from cutting the grass and told me how pretty that area is. He doesn't usually pay much attention to the flowers unless I specifically point something out to him. Wouldn't you know, he likes the weeds! LOL. This is my other wagon wheel in one of the big borders. I usually have a metal table and chairs in the grassy area here. I haven't gotten them out yet this year. I need to repaint them. I bought orange paint, but now I don't think it's the right shade of orange.
Here's a close up of the dame's rocket. One thing about weedy flowers--it doesn't take long to get a BIG drift of them!

About 5 0'clock I came inside and showered. It was getting all dark like a big storm was brewing. DH was going to cook steaks on the grill. I didn't want him to cancel because of the rain, because I sure didn't feel like cooking.

I suggested he go into the garage and get the umbrella a friend recently gave me. It clips on. I thought he could stand under it. Well, as it turned out he was too tall, but it stopped raining so he got the steaks cooked anyway.
It was hot today and by 5pm I was ready for a little cold beverage. I brought out my leftover Christmas vodka slush and added some Faygo diet Raspberry Cream soda. It gave me the chance to use one of my fancy glasses which is just the way it's served in a bar. If I just had a fresh raspberry and a sprig of mint for a garnish, it would be perfect. I think I will name it 'Raspberry Razzle'. It seems like I once had a coleus named that.

I did so much more work today and have all kinds of things to post about later in the week. Right now I am off to put fresh linens on the bed. I can't wait to fall into it!


  1. Zoey, no wonder you are spending 9 hours at a pop weeding, you have a huge woodland garden! If it was mine, nature would have reclaimed it by now. It really looks so green and restful and I like the wagon wheel. Good idea to take something from another part of the garden and make it a focal point elsewhere. It's like going out and buying something new but it didn't cost anything.

    Can't blame your husband for noticing the Dame's Rocket. They certainly are showy, aren't they? Glad you rewarded yourself with a very pretty vodka slush!

  2. Holy cow! You got a lot done in your gardens. I bet you will sleep tonight. Everything looks really nice. We hope you enjoyed your steaks. Hope you aren't too sore to go to work tommorrow. (LOL)

  3. Raspberry razzle sounds like a perfect summer drink.
    And by the looks, it is most inviting.
    I love your purple and orange floral combinations in the garden.

  4. 9 hours! Wow, you recouped well from your cold. The place looks gorgeous.
    We had mostly a rain out today, but my back is bothering me, so I couldn't do anything like bending over too much.

  5. Your gardens are amazing - I totally love them! I wish I had your design vision. Everything looks very pretty.

    Hope you enjoyed the steaks - the drink looks yummy!

  6. I know how much work you do to keep your gardens so beautiful but it sure is worth it:-) Love the milk can and the wheel together, it's perfect!! And I saw the frog right away!! hehe Did you know they now sell a canope to put on barbecues? I just bought one for Father's adjusts in height and clips onto the back of the barbecue. I found it at WalMart for $'s a great investment!! xox

  7. You garden looks wonderful to me. How big is your property? I can't believe you put in so much work in one day!


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