Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Allium Molly

Kris asked what the size of allium Molly was, so I thought that was a perfect posting opportunity (you know sometimes it gets tough to come up with new posts every day so I relish the opportunity to turn a comment into a full post!).

It's quite small--maybe a foot tall. I like it with the rocks because the plant does not completely hide the rock.

Here's some behind that yellow sedum that was not in bloom when I posted a few days ago.

This year in my quest to use more of what I already have , I decided that chives would be a nice accent plant instead of that tall spike plant that people always use. I also put some Siberian iris in the barrels for more vertical accent. Unfortunately the big cannas are not up yet in these barrels so I have all spiky accent plants and no main attraction! LOL. The cannas should be up soon.

My purple fountain grass has already begun sprouting it's furry plumes. I think these whiskey barrels will be very pretty --------I know they don't really look like much yet------but, trust me, they will be stunning..... :)if they look anything like what I have pictured in my mind.
I even put some chives in the hanging baskets. It appears that most of my orange zinnias have died in the baskets, so the hot pink won't be quite so jarring. I like the chive flowers with the pink. Too bad the blooms won't last. I will cut them back and hopefully get a second flush of purple spheres later in the season.

These baskets are beginning to fill out. I will be very happy when the flowers cover the basket. I can't stand seeing the bottom of the container of a hanging basket. The coconut baskets don't bother me quite as much as those awful plastic ones, but still I will be happier when they get bigger. I am going to start hitting them hard with the Miracle Grow.


  1. I like the allium Molly - very cool. I also like the yellow sedum - don't know that I've ever seen it before. The baskets and whiskey barrels look great - can't wait to see the cannas. I like your idea of using perennials in containers. Do you have a spot that you can overwinter them and maybe use them again in cntrs or the gardens - or are you thinking a one season deal? Zoey, you are quickly becoming my gardening idea hero (or should that be guru?) - thanks!

  2. Zoey
    I love that allium and iris combination too. It's stunning. Do you mind if I copy that photo to my own files as a memory peg for planting my bulbs?

  3. You always know what to plant that will look good together...I'm so bad at that! lol I just plant whatever, not even thinking of colour coordinating! I have so many flowers that are almost ready to bloom...I think it will all happen at the same time! lol xox

  4. Kris,
    "Gardening idea guru"....Hmmmmm...LOL. I will probably pop the Sedumn Autumn Joy out of the containers and stick them in the ground to save for next year. I won't bother with the chives and rose campion because I have so much of each.

    I have no problem with you saving the picture for your own reference. To me, sharing ideas is the whole reason to blog!

    Pea, you are too hard on yourself. All of your flowers I have seen look great!

  5. Zoey....I love love the cluster of hens and chicks in the "box" a frame. That is the unique way of displaying some...Very cool. LOVE your blog by the way...I wish I had more time to be on mine and do updates all the time too.LOL But I enjoy a tea and sitting down with yours to see what's growin' in Michigan. LOL


  6. Zoey, I also live in Northern lower Michigan (Cadillac) and experience the same deer problems you do. I have ordered 200 allium bulbs (including Moly) and plan to plant them this Fall in hopes of helping to control my deer buffet problem. Any advice or planting tips? I have sandy soil.



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