Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This is Why I Gave Up Garage Sales (until I fell off the wagon on Saturday)

I can't resist buying dishes!
I have no room for them, yet I continue to bring them home.
I got a service for 6 of these lovely fruit motif food receptacles.
I am a dish addict--maybe I need to start a self help group--Dish Collector's Anonymous.

Early Sunday morning (before it got too hot to use the oven)I baked some shortcakes to go with more of of local strawberries (so far we have eaten 5 quarts in less than a week!).

I wanted to use up the buttermilk, so I made a double batch and froze three of them for future summer berry delights.

The ones in the back are darker because they have an egg yolk/sugar wash on the top and they probably cooked a bit longer than the egg white-washed cakes in the front. You can see where I made my little taste test to see if they were worthy of baking a second batch.

With the fruity edge, aren't my new dishes especially appropriate to serve a fruit shortcake?

Now I am thinking that I could use up some of my fruit fabric by making a table runner to coordinate....ah, so many ideas, so little time.

I got a number of other "treasures" at the sales.

A set of amber salt/pepper shakers, a Christmas table runner, two boxes of holiday ornaments, some cookbooks and a book about decorating with flea market finds.

I had almost forgotten what fun trudging through the sales is!


  1. Just a little hello from Switzerland. By accident I came to your blog and could have a glimpse of your garden and everyday life.....and I liked it very much. Be sure, I'll come back again.
    Have a good time and enjoy your new dishes!!Barbara

  2. Barbara,
    WElcome....all the way from Switzerland! I am glad you enjoyed your visit. Please stop by any time.

  3. I love your dishes! I haven't been to a flea market, etc is ages.
    I agree, the strawberry shortcake looked great with the new finds.

  4. Ummm that strawberry shortcake looks delish and so attractive on your new plates! We love garage sales and thrift stores. You never know what you'll find!!

  5. Uh oh, you've fallen off the wagon...now you'll be going to yard sales every weekend!! hehe They are indeed so much fun to go to, though!!! I just love those dishes you found and yes, they are perfect to serve that yummy strawberry shortcake on! xox

  6. I love the dishes - fun. I've started tagging along with Mark to some of his sales - not sure he's too happy about that, but I'm having a lot of fun!
    The strawberries and shortcakes look so yummy - one of my favorite summer desserts (except I eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner when strawberries are in season - oh and snacks too!)

  7. I have to stay away from garage sales also. They deplete my gardening money. I'm so weak but sometimes I find good things like a whole box of perfectly good solar lights, over 20 of them, for $15.00. I danced home that day.

  8. The shortcakes look very yummy!! IT really looks nice with the fruit plates. I haven't been to a garage sale in a long time. I may have to check some out.:)

  9. Just because Zoey found some fabulous dishes, I will not...must not....go to any garage sales!!

    Good find, Zoey, and it's something you HAD to have for your fruit desserts.

  10. The pix of the strawberrie has made me hungay!;o)

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