Monday, June 4, 2007

I Like Ground Covers (I bet you've already noticed that)

My third ground cover is just beginning to bloom. It's the silver stuff with the white flowers behind the phlox and ajuga.

It's Snow-In-Summer (Cerastium tomentosum). I planted it from seed years ago to bloom with the poppies. The plan has been marginally successful. Most years the poppies are finished before it's in full color.

Just like with all the ground covers I have , this one is mass planted in the rockwall garden and it was chosen (as all the others were) because it looks good even when it's not in flower. Good foliage is very important because they only flower for about two weeks.

It is not in full bloom yet, but when it is, it will look pure white like a big mound of snow.

At about the same time the white blooms, this yellow sedum (my 4th ground cover planting) will also be in full flower.

This is one I don't yet have enough of. It's a very well behaved sedum ground cover unlike the white-flowering sedum coral carpet that I have been removing for the past two years.

My plan is to eventually have the entire rockwall garden in ground covers, shrubs and just a few flowers. I am planning for my golden years. :)

Two years ago I added two of these Royal Purple Smoke trees (Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple'). They are just tiny now, but can get up to 10 feet tall in 10 years. Not too long ago Lostroses posted a picture of a huge one in it's full smokey glory.

It's looks like this one may be ready to take up smoking this year.


  1. I like ground covers too! I just don't really have the correct size garden to have some that spread a lot, because they surely need to do that to be as showy as yours.
    Can you send some energy vibes to me? I hope you don't start feeling it.

  2. O.K. Di, Here you go........

    Abracadabra, cadoo,
    I send some energy vibes to you!

    Did you get them?

  3. I like your ground covers - I don't really have much. Yours are very pretty. The purple smoke tree is cool - may have to check and see if I can grow that here...

  4. Oh you clever girl, you and your smoking smoke trees! How cool to see a picture of them just starting out, I had no idea!

    I like that you planted your snow in summer as a complement to your poppies. Wish I'd thought of that. I have both, but separated by the Rose of Sharon. Oh well, too late now.

    Your rockwall garden is really stunning. You've done the best job with groundcovers that I've seen!

  5. Just checking out your poppies. I know this post is about your groundcover, but, well, it's poppy season. I love the way your poppies go with the groundcover.

  6. I love your poppies too. Are these oriental poppies (perennial)? I'm in z 5 CT and mine aren't out yet. Or are these annual poppies, coming from seed (self sown now, yes?)?

  7. Thanks everyone for the kind words.

    Lucia, Welcome. These are perennial. I believe they are Papaver rhoeas, also called the Common poppy or field poppy.

    They are a little different forom Papaver orientale. I have the orientals,too and they are just starting to bloom.

    Last year I did a post about the differences.

    Thanks so much for commenting.

  8. Thanks so much for your link to last year's post.I have been lurking -- ie read your blog all the time. I garden in zone 5 CT, I live in NYC, and root for the Yankees, but I am a midwestern zone 5 girl at heart. I grew up in Milwaukee (Go Brewers!)where my mother had the most beautiful garden and I never really appreciated it. I love coming back to my heartland every day thru your posts. Your deck is an inspration to all of us who love to plant things in interesting containers!

  9. Lucia,
    Thanks so much for introducing yourself. I always like to find out about those who read the blog.

    Thanks also for the nice words about the deck. If you could see it right now, you would not find it too inspiring--it's quite the mess. I hope to get it shaped up soon so I can post some pictures.

    I can't imagine living in NYC. Do you live in one of those high rise apartments?

    If you have a blog, please let me know so I can visit.


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