Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Don't Know What's Wrong with Me this Year

but I have been letting my gardens get so out of shape.

Just look at all the grass with its seed heads blowing in the breeze! I never allow this to happen. But this year, I am so far behind in everything. I need to stay home one weekend and get caught up. Maybe this will be the weekend....

When I got home from work today and saw this, I decided I would work on it while the load of laundry I had thrown in the machine finished washing. It would only be half an hour.

While, as often happens, I decided to work longer, until the load finished drying, which was about another hour. So I dug for 1.5 hours and ended up with this:

Much better! I will add more top soil another day. At least those seed heads are gone and I don't have to worry about them falling all over and coming up next year.

Remember that old wheelbarrow I left sitting where I had dumped a load of plant debris a few weeks ago? Well, it's still in the exact same spot. A bunch of feverfew has volunteered in front of it. It looks as if I had planned it that way, don't you think?
I may just leave it here all summer and see what else pops up.

Our local strawberries are ready to eat. DH stopped and bought some today. I've been nibbling on them all evening.

I like them just like this -- hulled and washed off--no sugar, nothing on them at all. I just leave them on the kitchen counter (I like them at room temperature) and every time I walk by I pop one in my mouth. A true summer joy!


  1. Don't you wish our flowers grew as fast as the weeds do?? lol I'm having fits with my faerie garden because I've got weeds coming out all over due to the topsoil I got...sigh! I'm forever out there trying to get them all out. Mmmm those strawberries look so you, I just love them hulled, washed and at room temperature. Ours won't be ready until mid July or so...can't wait!! xox

  2. Wow You got a lot done in 1.5 hours. I need to get stuff replanted before I lose everything!! Your garden looks very nice. I say leave the wheelbarrow were it is. It looks cute!

  3. You did well with your flowerbed! My lily bed looks rather neglected and hopefully I'll get to that next week.
    You seemed to have a blast with your quilting this year. Some years it's crafting and other years it's more gardening maybe. I find with established gardens, you can't do too much but maintain them and that is a little boring sometimes.

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one. For a while I was actually afraid someone would come over and see the mess. I usually love visitors. I'm getting caught up now. But still have a way to go.

  5. Pea, It seems like our berries are a week or so early this year. They really are not as sweet as they could be, but not bad.

    Laurie, It will probably stay there because as lazy as I am this year, I will never get around to moving it!

    Dianne, You're right. It is more exciting when you are establishing them--buying new plants, etc. It seems like all I do now is dig out grass. Boring........!

    Marie, I am glad I'm not the only one. I was embarrased a couple of weeks ago when some neighbors came over to talk while I was out there weeding. Just when I get almost caught up, I quit doing it for two weeks and then I'm back to being overwhelmed again!

  6. We're eating locally grown berries here too - yum! I've weeded most of my gardens 3 times so far this year, and they're still sprouting trees and weeds and grass. I think I like your way better - at least you can tell you've put in the time when you're done - lol!

  7. Weeding seems to be a common problem this year. I can't seem to get around to it very often either. I'm off most of next week, so, weather permitting, I may be able to get a lot done in the garden.

  8. LOL, Kris. I usually do it your way--more like continuous weeding all summer long. I think that;s the best way, but I just can't get into it this year.

    Giddy, I hope you enjoy your time off and get a lot of work done. I am looking forward to having time off in two weeks to do the same.

  9. Zoey, I'm feeling the same way about being behind in garden work. And I've spent the last couple of weeks helping my son and his wife with a move to a new house. By the time I get home I don't have the gumption to garden. You made amazing progress!

  10. Lostroses,
    I've discovered that it's almost impossible to get caught up once I get this far behind! I have to just dig up shovel fulls and toss whatever is in the shovel full. No time to putz around distangling grass roots from the flowers.

    Next year I won't let myself get so far behind!


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